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"I don't like labels, but if you have to put a label on it, I'm a gay man," the 82-year-old performer says in a new interview
She will argue against a man convicted for denying the 1915 Armenian genocide

Sundance 2015 portraits

Photographer Larry Busacca makes portraits of the actors, directors and producers in attendance at Sundance 2015
"The Theory of Everything" star -- a huge "Friends" fan -- says he was "highly inappropriate" when he crossed paths with the actress
We're getting a first look at the show and the hot stars taking part in it
"My goal is to have that be a haven for families. So every two years a new family will come in, they live rent-free," the rapper said
The "Mortdecai" actor gives an interesting reason for why he was a no-show at a Tokyo press conference
Disney is reportedly eyeing the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star for a revival of the Harrison Ford film franchise
The idea of pop-up restaurants has been around for years, with young chefs showcasing their creations in a temporary setting where the financial risks -- and rewards -- are low. But one company is raising those stakes, banking that pop-up dining can also be a long-term, profitable business. Elaine Quijano reports.
The 71-year-old performer won a breach-of-contract suit that claimed his business partners and his own company cheated him out of royalties

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