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A musical version of the 2003 Jack Black movie will start in November 2015
Sarah, Cosima, Helena and Alison are front and center as the cloning drama sets a date for its return
"I'd love to work in the new graphic-novel versions of the movie," the actor said.
New Regency has dropped plans for a film set in North Korea in the wake of hacker threats over Sony Pictures' "The Interview"
The departing host of the CBS late-night show gave his successor a warm welcome in his final week of shows
Former "7th Heaven" star addresses his past inappropriate sexual contact with young girls in a new interview with Katie Couric
Some critics said the character the comedian created in 2005 wouldn't sustain a season, but now he's finishing his 9th and getting ready for his next gig
The Holderness family discusses their favorite videos, their Weight Watchers campaign and their new reality show
The comedian's new movie that he wrote, directed and starred in is already receiving critical acclaim. Charlie Rose sits down with Rock to discuss his work on the film and how race influences comedy.
After nine years of biting political satire, the late night host is headed to CBS, taking over for David Letterman. The final "Colbert Report" airs Thursday on Comedy Central. Vladimir Duthiers reports.

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