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“I felt horrible. I didn’t know what happened. I was confused. I was in a daze,” recalls Mike Bokman of what it was like after someone drugged him at a bar in Baltimore several years ago on his 21st birthday.
A man with distinctive facial tattoos is wanted for murder after he allegedly shot and killed another man who tried to break up a fight among teenagers in a Bowie parking lot.
Police documents indicate that Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps registered .14 percent on a breathalyzer test after he was stopped on a speeding violation.
Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has resigned amid security lapses at the White House.
A 15-year-old boy critically injured at Six Flags America during the first night of its Halloween event, Fright Fest, has undergone surgery on his skull and is in a coma.
The search for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham has spanned for almost three weeks and across the state, but there's still no sign of the 18-year-old.
Accused White House fence-jumper Omar J. Gonzalez has pleaded not guilty to charges that he ran into the presidential mansion while carrying a knife.
Michelle Obama went under Tim Gunn's fashion microscope and got an approving nod, but not all first ladies fared as well — Hillary Rodham Clinton among them.
The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has voiced regret about Russia's decision to cancel its participation in a major high school student exchange program.
The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States told health care workers on his initial hospital visit in Dallas that he had recently been in an area affected by the deadly disease.