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Mass. senator wonders about sexism in encounter with W.H. staffer over her role with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
At least 14 people are injured after two fire engines collide, sending one vehicle flying into Monterey Park restaurant
Lawmakers in some states want to ban Tasers in schools; officers from at least 5,000 law enforcement agency carry them at schools
President tells CBS News Russia has continued to violate Ukraine's sovereignty by supporting militias in the eastern and southern parts of the country
Dazed survivors say they were told to wait for rescuers instead of trying to escape; frantic parents seek news of teenage passengers who were on high school trip
As workers continue to search for bodies, a new priority emerges for clean-up crews
Malnourished "Hoppie" is being nursed back to health after being found wandering in California's San Luis National Wildlife Refuge
London salon's poster mocking Kim Jung Un's distinctive style prompts row between U.K., N.Korea
Original fossilized bones of Tyrannosaurus rex discovered in Montana arrive at the National Museum of Natural History
Robert Rizzo gave himself annual salary and benefits package of $1.5 million in city where a quarter of the population lives below federal poverty line