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Tommy Thompson was the first to retrieve some of the greatest lost treasure in American history - then he vanished after a legal battle
Nolan Michael Burch was among 20 pledges who received a bottle of liquor at Kappa Sigma initiation in November
Loretta Lynch will try to restart the relationship between the Justice Department and lawmakers
Boxing stars meet at Heat game; Bout between the two would almost certainly be the richest ever in sport's history
Coastal Massachusetts was hit especially hard by the 2015 blizzard
New England is slammed by heavy snow, high winds and icy floodwaters, but in New York, there's a storm of criticism over the decision to shut down America's largest city. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your World in 90 seconds.
But Amman seems to be trying to renegotiate terms of prisoner swap offered by ISIS, and there's no mention of Japanese hostage
Dinner Lab, a relative newcomer to the food industry, creates an appetite for culinary change with eateries nationwide
Israel responds with 25 artillery shells fired into Lebanon after military vehicle is hit
DroneShield makes system that could make up for shortcomings in FAA guidelines

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