Bryce Harper pulls 550 pounds in the gym

Bryce Harper Has Monster Arms Again (Look)

Judging by Bryce Harper’s Instagram video, it appears he’s well on his way to building monster biceps for the second straight offseason.


Bryce Harper Crushes Ball like Happy Gilmore

Performance Art: Bryce Harper Tees Off Like Happy Gilmore (Video)

Bryce Harper posted a video of himself stepping up to, then promptly crushing a golf ball a mile (340 yards), a la Happy Gilmore.


Casey Janssen Exits the game

Nats Expected Setup Man in ’15 Motivated by Poor Second Half Last Year

The Nats’ new expected setup man, Casey Janssen, was a dramatically more inferior pitcher in 2014 after battling food poisoning which caused him to lose “9 or 10 pounds.”


Rob Manfred is pictured. (credit: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Manfred Predicts Resolution in Orioles, Nationals TV Dispute

New baseball commissioner Rob Manfred predicts an end to the long-running dispute between the Nationals and Baltimore Orioles over payments to Washington from the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, which the teams co-own.


Nationals' Jayson Werth beard

John Feinstein Answers for Calling Jayson Werth One of ‘Least Likable’ Athletes in Sports

John Feinstein, who received an angry call from Mike Rizzo for calling Jayson Werth “one of the most arrogant, least likable athletes in sports,” explains his incendiary comments.


Jayson Werth Garden Gnome Giveaway Night at Nationals Park

John Feinstein Calls Jayson Werth One of ‘Least Likable Athletes in Sports’

John Feinstein is happy Jayson Werth will serve jail time for reckless driving: “Werth is one of the most arrogant, least likable athletes in sports.”


Casey Janssen Thanks Fans in Final Home Game for Toronto Blue Jays

Casey Janssen Bids Farewell to Toronto Blue Jays Fans After Signing with Nationals

Casey Janssen thanks Toronto Blue Jays fans after officially signing with the Washington Nationals.


Bryce Harper Attends a Clippers game with a ponytail

Pete Rose Still Thinks Bryce Harper Plays ‘Recklessly’

Pete Rose hasn’t updated his boilerplate response to Bryce Harper-related questions in a year and a half.


Mark Wahlberg to Host Nationals manager Matt Williams' Super Bowl party

Nats’ Matt Williams’ Super Bowl Party to be Guest-Hosted by Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bay

Nationals’ manager Matt Williams will hold a Super Bowl Party in his Arizona home, to be guest-hosted by Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay.


Max Scherzer Washington Nationals Starting Rotation

5 Questions About the Nats’ Starting Rotation in 2015

With the signing of Max Scherzer, the Washington Nationals’ starting rotation – if it stays as is – is the best in Major League Baseball in 2015, but what about beyond?


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