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Jason Taylor Recalls Horrific 2008 Compartment Syndrome BattleDr. Andrews to Jason Taylor: "You'll be here in two hours and I'm going to have to cut your leg off."
Albert Haynesworth Has A Message For ALL REAL WomenAlbert Haynesworth wants to set the record straight about his love for all women.
Snider: Redskins Offense Needs Another Secret WeaponThe Redskins need to break out a secret weapon to beat Oakland. Fortunately, they have just the guy.
Rizzo: Robles in conversation for Nationals postseason rosterVictor Robles has impressed, and his unique skill set makes him a valid postseason candidate.
Springs: Redskins Need to Play Their 'Absolute Best' to Beat RaidersShawn Springs looks ahead to Redskins' next matchup: "Kirk's gonna have to ball."
Bruce The Hugger's Epic ZingerBruce The Hugger has an announcement to make.
Unassuming Matt Albers: A Quiet Piece to Nats' Division ChampionshipMatt Albers, one of the more underrated success stories of 2017 Nationals.
Chad Dukes: If Nats Park Were On Fire, I'd Still Talk About The RedskinsEveryone has an opinion about how radio hosts should do their jobs.
Jim Carrey Challenges The Meaning of Life: 'There's no meaning to any of this'Jim Carrey shares the world's deepest, darkest secret.
Internal Memo Issued Over Cakes' Egregious Paper Cup UsageCakes is murdering trees at an alarming rate.
JP of The Junkies: Kirk Cousins Played Like GarbageKirk Cousins and the Redskins offense were less than inspiring in the season opener.
Lurch's Daughter Started Using 'Hurting'That seminal moment in every young girl's life.

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