How to Script the Average 106.7 The Fan ShowBelieve it or not, most radio shows have a script that hosts are supposed to follow. Here's a look behind-the-scenes at how that happens.
Theismann: Cousins Should Shop Around in Free AgencyJoe Theismann played in an NFL era before free agency, but says Kirk Cousins owes it to himself to see what is being offered in free agency.
Kintzler Doesn't Want to Throw Baker Under the Bus, But...It may not sound like that big of a deal, but the difference in how you're used can be the only difference between success and failure.
Breer: Goodell Extension Proves NFL Business is Still GoodEven with a rash of public relations mistakes in his tenure, Roger Goodell is very good at making the NFL owners very rich.
Rooster Swears Off Making Bets, Immediately Makes Another BetHaven't you heard? Chris "Joe 'The Rooster' Russo" Russell is done making bets about the Redskins. Until literally the next time he's asked.
Cousins on Field Conditions: I Learn to Just Accept ItThe Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1990s and early 2000s played in bad conditions and thrived. The Redskins are not that team.
Redskins Fourth Down Confusion: 'It Shouldn't Happen'Kirk Cousins explains how the 4th-and-1 play turned to a wasted timeout and a delay of game before finally punting in the second half.
Dukes Rant: Stop Complaining About Thursday FootballD.J. Swearinger becomes the latest player to get under Chad Dukes' skin about playing on Thursday Night Football, so Dukes sets it straight.
Feinstein's Logical Fix for Basketball's One-And-DoneWhat if, instead of forcing all players to go to college, we let players decide and then stick with it for three years?
Bah Humbug: It's Way Too Early for Christmas MusicIn some places, Christmas music now starts in stores before Halloween. Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves?
Shawn Springs: DeAngelo Hall Could Still Play Years MoreAfter sitting out for more than a year, it was easy to forget about him. Now, after one game back, it's hard to imagine life without him.
Sports Insider, Caller Get Into it Over Dusty BakerHyperbole, exaggeration, and unnamed sources make for great radio in the fallout of Dusty Baker's termination from the Nationals.

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