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Audio A7 with 'Breeland Island' bumper sticker, reportedly belonging to Redskins corner Bashaud Breeland, according to radio host Jason Bishop. (via Jason Bishop)

Bashaud Breeland’s Car Apparently Has ‘Breeland Island’ Bumper Sticker (Look)

Redskins corner Bashaud Breeland apparently has a ‘Breeland Island’ bumper sticker on his car.


Redskins' Ryan Kerrigan arms

Women Still Love Hearing Ryan Kerrigan Read Poetry for Valentine’s Day (Listen)

Ryan Kerrigan of the Redskins, professional linebacker and eternal romantic, reads poetry and song lyrics to female radio callers for Valentine’s Day.


Wale and RG3 attend a Wizards playoff game

Bradley Beal Imagines a Wizards vs. Raptors Playoff Series with Wale and Drake

Bradley Beal, unaware of the Jay-z/Soulja Boy thing, imagines what a Raptors-Wizards playoff series would be like with Drake and Wale in attendance: “That’d be ridiculous… probably rap disses and team disses and everything.”


(Photo by Molly Riley/Getty Images)

Sports Radio Caller: Redskins Fans Should be Able to ‘Trade Buffalo Nickels for Beer’ (Audio)

A sports radio caller has an idea for the new Redskins stadium: ‘If you bring a Buffalo nickel to the game, you should be able to get a beer for it.’


106.7 The Fan's Grant and Danny promotional photo

POLL: Which Song Should be ‘Grant and Danny’s’ New Show-opener?

Help 106.7 The Fan’s “Grant and Danny” select their new introduction song, to be played at the beginning of every show, every Monday through Friday starting at 10 a.m.


RG3 Touchdown Run

RG3 Omitted from Redskins’ ‘Nucleus’ in Letter to Season Ticket-holders

Why did the Redskins not mention Robert Griffin III as part of their “nucleus” in a promotional letter sent to season ticket-holders?


Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp

Report: Warren Sapp Fired by NFL Network Following Prostitution Arrest

Former NFL player Warren Sapp has been fired by NFL Network following a prostitution arrest, according to Sports Illustrated media reporter Richard Deitsch.


Bryce Harper Attends a Clippers game with a ponytail

Pete Rose Still Thinks Bryce Harper Plays ‘Recklessly’

Pete Rose hasn’t updated his boilerplate response to Bryce Harper-related questions in a year and a half.


Mark Wahlberg to Host Nationals manager Matt Williams' Super Bowl party

Nats’ Matt Williams’ Super Bowl Party to be Guest-Hosted by Mark Wahlberg, Michael Bay

Nationals’ manager Matt Williams will hold a Super Bowl Party in his Arizona home, to be guest-hosted by Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay.