Couple Accused Of Trying To Smuggle 5-Month-Old Son In Luggage At AirportAn Egyptian couple is accused of trying to smuggle their 5-month-old child in their luggage at the Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.
U.S. Commander Guilty Of Fraud, Bigamy With Iraqi WifeCol. James Johnson III was found guilty at a court martial of multiple counts of fraud stemming from his relationship with a married woman he met during his field duty in Iraq.
TSA Agents Conduct 'Full Monty' Pat-Down On Henry KissingerEven a Nobel Peace Prize winner can’t avoid a pat-down.
Al-Qaeda Setback: Terror Group Fails In Bomb Plots Past 3 YearsOver the past three years, al-Qaeda bomb makers in Yemen have developed three fiendishly clever devices in hopes of attacking airplanes in the skies above the United States.
Officials: No Need To Change Airport Security Procedures Despite Bomb PlotDespite the discovery of a sophisticated new al-Qaeda airline bomb plot, congressional and security officials suggested no immediate need Tuesday to change airport security procedures, which already subject shoeless passengers to intrusive pat-downs and body scans.
Brennan: Al-Qaeda Bomb 'Threat From A Standpoint Of The Design'U.S. bomb experts are picking apart a sophisticated new al-Qaeda improvised explosive device, a top Obama administration counterterrorism official said Tuesday, to determine if it could have slipped past airport security and taken down a commercial airplane.
CIA Foils New Al-Qaeda Underwear Bomb Plot For Bin Laden Death AnniversaryThe CIA thwarted a plot by al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen to destroy a U.S.-bound airliner using a bomb with a new design around the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, a U.S. counter-terrorism official tells CBS News.
American Al Qaeda Prisoner: 'My Life Is In Your Hands, Mr. President'In a video released Sunday by al Qaeda, American hostage Warren Weinstein said he will be killed unless President Barack Obama agrees to the militant group's demands.

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