The Redskins May Have A Huge Advantage Playing In LondonThe game against the Bengals and potential matchup against the Rams would both be considered away games for the Redskins. This would essentially give Washington a huge competitive advantage
Washington Redskins Injury Report: Nothing To Be Thankful For As Culliver Is Out For The SeasonWhile America gave thanks on Thursday, the Washington Redskins were ungrateful to receive yet another dose of bad news.
Washington Redskins Week 11 Injury Report: Terrance Knighton Battles Migraines, Trenton Robinson OutWith Robinson being out, the NFL might get its first extensive taste of cornerback DeAngelo Hall at safety.
Washington Redskins Could Sneak Up And Win The Divisional Crown In The NFC EastThe Washington Redskins changed quarterbacks and are currently sitting at 4-5 through nine games this season. One may think that the season is a complete loss, but honestly, they could end up running away with the NFC East crown and head into the playoffs.
Week 10 Injury Report: The Redskins And DeSean Jackson Are Getting Healthy At The Right TimeWhen examining an injury report the best news will always occur when certain players are left off of the list.
Here's Why Kirk Cousins Is Saving Jay GrudenAnd even with a lack of a running game, Kirk Cousins might just finish this season as the most prolific Redskins passer in the last 16 years.
A Questionable Week 9 Injury Report For The Washington RedskinsAfter listening to Gruden it seems as if half of the team is “questionable”.
New England Is Weak Where It Counts The MostWashington will be more competitive than what folks want to believe. The Patriots are great, but they are not unbeatable, and here is the main reason why the champs could be had this Sunday.
Will DeSean Jackson Return After The Bye Week?Even if the Redskins are able to get pressure on Brady, they will need to score more than the 21 points per game that they are averaging so far.
Why The Redskins Should Extend Kirk Cousins TodayRight now, only three starting quarterbacks complete a higher percentage of their passes than Washington’s Kirk Cousins: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, and Russell Wilson.
Injury Report: A Few Key Players Returning For 'SkinsAs Tampa Bay comes to town, the Redskins are in danger of putting a preseason like lineup on the field.
Should The Washington Redskins Free RG3?Most don’t want to see Griffin behind center because of his is his indecisiveness in the pocket which leads to drive killing sacks. But are these sacks worse than interceptions?
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