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Weekend Guide: What's Happening in Your Area Oct. 9 - 11Fall is here, which means festivals, seasonal beers and enjoying the crisp autumn air outdoors. Celebrate the new season with friends and family at these events this weekend.
Best Vegetarian Hot Dogs in Washington, D.C.In recent years more and more people have turned to a vegetarian diet, for health, environmental or animal welfare reasons. Vegetarian burgers, crab cakes and even hot dogs have become all the craze. In the D.C. area, there are a surprising number of places which are offering gourmet vegetarian hot dogs. These dogs are gourmet by going veggie and adding a host of interesting and exotic toppings. Kids will like them, but adults should sample them too. These fancy dogs will please anyone’s palate!
5 Best Pumpkin Beers Perfect For Your Halloween PartyIt's the season of pumpkin everything, including some incredible pumpkin beers that are perfect for your upcoming Halloween party. Here are five tasty offerings to get you started this season.
In the Kitchen: No Nut or Genovese Basil PestoThis pesto works well for those with nut allergies, or for somebody who just wants something a little different.
Ask a Washington, D.C. Expert: Best Fall Family DishesTwo of DC's best chefs have provided great fall recipes that are fun for the whole family to make and enjoy. Summer produce may be gone, but thanks to these two chefs, you will be eating well even in the cooler months!
Best Ceviche in Washington, D.C.Understanding the dynamics of what makes ceviche such a great dish is reason enough to give it a try. These restaurants have proven time and again just why they are considered the best when it comes to their ceviche.
WATCH: Sausage 101Nick Stevens learns how to pair and prepare sausage at The Meat Hook in NYC.
7 Farm to Table Books for Everyday ChefsThe only thing better than eating food is reading about food.
In the Kitchen: Duck Breast PoppersThis is a drop-dead appetizer when you are having a gathering at which you want to impress.
TGF: Recipe: The Porky MeltThe Porky Melt is the tailgating sandwich to end all tailgating sandwiches. This is the recipe. That's all, folks.
Best Delicatessens In Washington DCA delicatessen is a great place to indulge in some of your favorite deli foods including bagels, sandwiches, latkas, knishes, kugel and pierogis. While the D.C. area is not overflowing with delicatessens, there are a few gems in the area that you should know about. Below is a description of some of these great spots.
TGF: Recipe: Cola Pork ChopsGrill up some seriously tender pork for your next tailgate. Here's the recipe.