Butch, the 10-year-old Terrier, Yorkshire/Poodle, Miniature mix. (courtesy of the Baltimore Humane Society)

Pet of the Week: Butch the Terrier Mix

I’m Butch, a super cute, super sweet and super friendly senior man who is full of energy.


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Ask a Washington D.C. Expert: Tips for House-Training Your Dog

Having trouble house training the new puppy? Dog trainer Michelle Yue has a list of tips to help you train your dog the right way.


Kitchen Organizing

5 Ways to Organize Every Room in Your Home

Spring cleaning paves the way for summer organizing, and it pays to utilize summertime sales to get the best deals when you want to organize your home.


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Best All-Day Breakfast Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

What can be said about breakfast all day? It’s awesome and should happen everywhere all the time. Let’s raise our juice glasses to pancakes and omelettes whenever the craving strikes.


Tree House

How to Build the Perfect Backyard Tree House

A backyard hideout is a childhood wonder. If you always dreamed of your own tree house as a child, consider fulfilling that wish by building one for your own kids.


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Tips On How To Travel With Your Pet

Sometimes it is fun to hit the open road or go on vacation with the family pet. There are so many things to see and do that can be more exciting if you bring the family pet with. Just make sure you are careful and prepared to travel with your pet.


Princess the 7-year-old boxer mix. (courtesy of the Baltimore Humane Society)

Pet of the Week: Princess the Boxer Mix

Princess isn’t just my name, it’s my title. I’m a super sweet and affectionate gal who loves to snuggle on the couch with people.


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Best Family Activities In Washington DC To Do Before The Summer Ends

As the end of summer rapidly approaches and all the family members wrap up their individual summer activities, it’s good to set aside time as a family unit to have a few last outings before it’s back to business in the fall.


Interns, Summer Job, Students

Ask an Expert: Turning Your Summer Job into a Year Round Gig

Get advice about turning a summer job into the start of your career with tips from two career counselor experts.


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Best Boutiques for Back-to-School Clothes in Washington, D.C.

If your children like to stand out with their clothes, you are going to want to avoid the standard malls. These boutiques are best for back to school clothes in Washington, D.C.


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