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Grant and Danny

Grant and Danny

Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier air weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC.
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  • Friday, July 25th
  • Segment 16 - No fans at Broncos camp

    Is it an advantage for the Broncos to not have fans at camp (yes, it is).
  • Segment 15 - DeSean Jackson Audio

    Listen to DeSean Jackson speak for the first time at training camp
  • Segment 14 - We found Danny

    Danny sounds miserable in Las Vegas. It might not even be Danny he sounds so different/hungover.
  • Segment 13 - Double Play

    Trying to talk to Danny in Las Vegas
  • Segment 12 - Running backs are undervalued

    Should Running Backs be paid more or are they going the way of the dodo?
  • Segment 11 - Running Backs are undervalued

    Marshawn Lynch is holding out for more money. Why? Because he's severely underpaid.
  • Segment 10 - What are you eating?

    The segment sweeping the area -- What are you eating?
  • Segment 09 - Beltway Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz with Brian McNally, Charlie Slowes and Chris Miller
  • Segment 08 - A change for Haslett?

    If Jim Haslett could change one thing about his defense, what would you change?
  • Segment 07 - Matt Bowen

    Matt Bowen joins to break down the X's and O's of the Redskins
  • Segment 06 - Nats at the trade deadline

    Should the Nats make a play for bullpen help? Something else?
  • Segment 05 - Nats at the Trade Deadline

    What moves should the Nationals make at the trade deadline
  • Segment 04 - Nats trade deadline

    The Nationals are fast approaching the trade deadline -- what, if any, moves should they make?
  • Segment 03 - Jason Reid

    J-Reid from the Post joins to discuss his column on Robert Griffin III
  • Segment 02 - What does RG3 need to do in 2014?

    What does he need to do in 2014 to prove the Shanahan's wrong?
  • Segment 01 - What does RG3 need to do to prove Shanahan's wrong?

    What does Robert Griffin III need to do in 2014 to prove the Shanahan's wrong for benching him last season?
  • Thursday, July 24th
  • Segment 16 - More on RG3

    More on RG3 as his comments today about the coaching staff went national
  • Segment 15 - Chad Dukes stops by

    Chad stops by to discuss his new show 'Chad Dukes vs. The World' every day from 2-6 pm following us.
  • Segment 14 - Bucky Brooks

    Bucky Brooks breaks down the X's and O's of the Redskins and more from the NFL
  • Segment 13 - Double Play

    Danny is flying to Vegas and another plane crashed today