Grant and Danny

Grant and Danny

Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier air weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C.
  • Wednesday, August 24th
  • Segment 16 - joaning on Danny

    Joaning on Danny for his tweets with Shawn kelley
  • Segment 15 - The Great Burger Debate

    The Great Burger Debate with Shawn Kelley
  • Segment 14 - Setting up the great burger debate

    Discussing the top burger places
  • Segment 13 - Kelley hanging out

    Shawn Kelley hanging out discussing what he would be doing if he wasn't playing baseball, eating habits and if a wedding cocktail is required
  • Segment 12 - Shawn Kelley on Tebow

    Shawn discusses Tim Tebow and just how successful he can be at baseball
  • Segment 11 - Shawn Kelley on Nats/O's

    Shawn Kelley discusses the Nats and O's and Grant's take on fandom in DC
  • Segment 10 - Shawn Kelley joins in-studio

    Shawn Kelley joins Grant and Danny in-studio!
  • Segment 09 - Blitz

    Beltway Blitz with Chris Miller, Chase Hughes and JP Finlay with special guest Shawn Kelley of the Nationals.
  • Segment 08 - Double Play

    Double Play
  • Segment 07 - Feeling better about Skins now?

    Do you feel better, worse or the same about the Redskins now?
  • Segment 06 - Feel better, worse of the same?

    Do you feel better worse or the same about the Redskins after two preseason games and training camp?
  • Segment 05 - John Feinstein

    John Feinstein joins to talk Wall/Beal, Lochte and more!
  • Segment 04 - Calls on Wall and Beal

    We take your calls on Wall and Beal and if it is a good thing or bad thing that they may not get along
  • Segment 03 - Wall and Beal don't like each other?

    So Bradley Beal and John Wall may not like each other ... is that a problem?
  • Segment 02 - What if Josh Norman struggles?

    What if Josh Norman struggles after all this trash talk?
  • Segment 01 - Josh Norman saying controversial stuff

    Josh Norman is saying controversial stuff again, what do you think about it? 
  • Tuesday, August 23rd
  • Segment 14 - Nets lining baseball fields

    Should the netting surrounding baseball fields be extended?
  • Segment 13 - John Hansen

    Fantasy Guru John Hansen joins to discuss the biggest fantasy football questions
  • Segment 12 - Olympic viewership down

    Olympic viewership was down in 2016 nearly 20 percent as NBC continually tape-delayed major events and tape-delayed everything on the west coast
  • Segment 11 - Okay with the Running game?

    Are you okay with the running game?
  • Segment 10 - Staying pat at running back?

    If the Redskins stand pat at running back like it looks like they will, are you concerned about it?
  • Segment 09 - Beltway Blitz

    Beltway Blitz with Mike Jones and Jamal Collier
  • Segment 08 - Double Play

    Double Play on uber and more!
  • Segment 07 - Dave Jageler

    Dave Jageler joins to discuss Strasburg to the DL and O's vs Nats
  • Segment 06 - Calls on best sports video game

    We take your calls on the best sports video game or franchise of all time
  • Segment 05 - Best sports video game

    With Madden coming out today, we have a debate about what the best sports video game
  • Segment 04 - Concerned training camp is too easy?

    People have noted how easy training camp seems to be, is that a good thing or bad thing? Any reason for concern?
  • Segment 03 - Training Camp easier than normal?

    Has the Redskins training camp been easier than normal? Is that a good thing?
  • Segment 02 - Worried about Strasburg?

    How worried are you about Stephen Strasburg?
  • Segment 01 - Strasburg to DL

    Stephen Strasburg is headed to the DL, how concerned are you?
  • Monday, August 22nd
  • Segment 16 - Wrap calls on Strasburg

    We take your calls on the breaking news on Strasburg to the DL.
  • Segment 15 - Strasburg to the DL and more!

    BREAKING: Stephen Strasburg is headed to the DL -- we take your calls.
  • Segment 14 - Can you root for both the O's and Nats?

    Is it possible to root for both the O's and the Nats?
  • Segment 13 - Nats/O's

    With the Nats and O's reigniting their rivalry, is it possible to be a fan of both teams?
  • Segment 12 - Vacation Danny

    Vacation Danny means guessing how much weight Danny gains on vacation -- this time for a prize.
  • Segment 11 - What to do with preseason?

    What changes need to be made to NFL preseason?
  • Segment 10 - Changes to preseason

    Now that NFL teams seem to be sitting more and more players, what changes need to be made to preseason?
  • Segment 09 - Blitz

    Beltway Blitz with Brian McNally, Craig Heist and Troy Machir
  • Segment 08 - Wrap calls and Double Play

    We wrap up the calls on the Redskins running game and matt jones, plus grant and danny have their double plays!
  • Segment 07 - Okay with the running game?

    What do you think the Redskins should do with the running back position?
  • Segment 06 - What to do with the running game

    What should be done with the Redskins running game now that Matt Jones is injured and the options behind him are... bleak.
  • Segment 05 - Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips joins to discuss the Redskins sitting their starters, what exactly we learned from the game and what to expect this week.
  • Segment 04 - Calls on Lochte

    Calls on Ryan Lochte and how much blame he actually deserves
  • Segment 03 - Sympathetic to Lochte?

    How do you feel about Ryan Lochte now that we know most or all of the details from the night in question? Do you agree with Danny that there is a lot of blame to go around?
  • Segment 02 - Skins screw up?

    Did the Redskins screw up by not telling fans until too late that they were sitting most of their elite starters?
  • Segment 01 - Danny back, Skins resting starters

    Danny is back from his vacation and we discuss why the Redskins waited so long to announce they were resting their starters on friday
  • Friday, August 19th
  • Segment 15 - Skins or Nats

    Skins or Nats tonight -- plus, what's bugging grant and what he's eating
  • Segment 14 - Skins or Nats

    Redskins or Nats tonight -- what are you watching?
  • Segment 13 - Wacky Texts

    More calls of your ridiciulous texts that you have sent or received
  • Segment 12 - Wacky texts

    Grant got a ridiculous text message and it's incredible
  • Segment 11 - DC Sports Trivia

    DC Sports trivia for a prize
  • Segment 10 - Who shines on defense?

    Who will shine on defense for the Skins?
  • Segment 09 - Who needs to shine?

    Who needs to shine for the Redskins?
  • Segment 08 - Beltway Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz with Brian McNally and Craig Heist
  • Segment 07 - WOTF

    Winning off the field
  • Segment 06 - Around the NFL tonight

    Grant takes a look at all the action tonight in the NFL
  • Segment 05 - Around the NFL

    Grant goes around the NFL action last night
  • Segment 04 - When Zimmerman is back

    When Zimmerman is back, what do you do?
  • Segment 03 - Zim almost back

    Ryan Zimmerman is healthy -- what will the lineup look like with him back?
  • Segment 02 - Level of enthusiasm

    How excited are you for preseason game 2 tonight?

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