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Grant and Danny

Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier air weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C.
  • Friday, May 27th
  • Segment 16 - What are you Eating?

    What are you eating? 
  • Segment 15 - Preston Smith

    Redskins OLB Preston Smith joins Grant and Danny
  • Segment 14 - Berman retiring?

    Is Chris Berman retiring or isn't  he? What will he do next year?
  • Segment 13 - The Big One

    The Big One on the NBA Playoffs
  • Segment 12 - Dan Steinberg

    Dan Steinberg joins Grant and Danny to discuss Nats fans leaving games early and more about DC Sports fans
  • Segment 11 - Next up for the Skins?

    What is next for the Redskins this off-season?
  • Segment 10 - What's next for the Skins?

    What is next for the Redskins to do before training camp? Bring in a running back? A safety? cut someone?
  • Segment 09 - Beltway Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz on the Skins, Nats and Wizards/NBA
  • Segment 08 - WOTF

    Winning off the field
  • Segment 07 - More on QB Battles

    More on the QB battles around the NFL
  • Segment 06 - QB Battles

    We look around the NFL at the potential QB Battles
  • Segment 05 - Charlie Slowes

    Charlie Slowes joins to discuss the Nats-Cardinals series
  • Segment 04 - What would you do with Jackson's money?

    What would you do with DeSean Jackson's money that he left on the table?
  • Segment 03 - What would you do with Jackson's money?

    DeSean Jackson left 500k on the table, what would you do with the money?
  • Segment 02 - Can GSW force a game 7?

    Can GSW force a game 7 against OKC? 
  • Segment 01 - Will they force a game 7?

    Will the Warriors force a game 7 against the Thunder?
  • Thursday, May 26th
  • Segment 16 - Spelling Bee

    The DC Sports Spelling Bee!
  • Segment 15 - Danny confronts Grant

    The end of "No Fun Rouhier" has come, but in his place we have "Get Off My Lawn Rouhier" and "No Pho Paulsen" 
  • Segment 14 - John Feinstein

    John Feinstein talks Melo Trimble and more!
  • Segment 13 - Max Scherzer

    Max Scherzer exclusively joins Grant and Danny!
  • Segment 12 - Mark Turgeon

    Mark Turgeon joins to discuss Melo Trimble returning and more! 
  • Segment 11 - What will Skins do in 2016?

    What will the Redskins do in 2016, will they have a major fall back in 2016?
  • Segment 10 - Skins going 6-10?

    Football Outsiders have the Redskins going 6-10, do you believe that?
  • Segment 09 - Beltway Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz with Brian McNally, James Wagner and Rob Dauster
  • Segment 08 - Double Play

    The Double Play -- True Detective is done
  • Segment 07 - Mr. National

    Who is Mr. National?
  • Segment 06 - Jets receivers missing OTAs

    Are Jets receivers skipping OTA's out of respect for Ryan Fitzpatrick?
  • Segment 05 - Chris Russell

    Chris Russell joins to discuss Redskins OTAs. 
  • Segment 04 - NBA Playoffs

    The NBA Playoffs are nothing but blowouts... and it isn't fun.
  • Segment 03 - Wrap calls on Gruden

    Wrapping up calls on Jay Gruden and where he ranks amongst NFL coaches
  • Segment 02 - Is Gruden the best coach in the division?

    Is Jay Gruden the best coach in the division? Where should he rank in the NFL?
  • Segment 01 - Gruden coaching rank

    Where does Gruden rank among NFL coaches?
  • Wednesday, May 25th
  • Segment 10 - Nats vs Mets Preview

    Grant and Danny give their final thoughts as the Nationals get set to wrap up their series with the Mets in a Wednesday matinee.
  • Segment 9 -- Beltway Blitz

    Grant and Danny talk Nationals, Redskins and NBA Playoffs on the Beltway Blitz.
  • Segment 8 -- Double Play Callers on DeSean Jackson

    Grant and Danny take more calls on DeSean Jackson's absence from OTA's.
  • Segment 7 -- Callers on DeSean Jackson

    Grant and Danny take callers on whether or not DeSean Jackson's absence from OTA's is a big deal.
  • Segment 6 - DeSean Jackson not at OTA's

    Grant and Danny talk about what they think DeSean Jackson's absence form Redskins OTA's means for him and the club.
  • Segment 4 - NBA Conference Finals

    Grant and Danny talk about Oklahoma City's Game 4 domination of the defending champion Warriors and preview Game 5 between the Raptors and Cavs.
  • Segment 3 - Callers on Nats attendance

    Callers talk to Grant and Danny about their experiences at Nats Park and why they think there weren't more fans at the game Tuesday night.
  • Segment 5 -- Shawn Kelley Interview

    Grant and Danny talk to Nationals relief pitcher Shawn Kelley about his effectiveness out of the bullpen and much more.
  • Segment 2 -- Callers on Nats attendance

    Grant and Danny take calls on why people think Mets fans took over Nats Park Tuesday night for a big rivalry game.
  • Segment 1 -- Show Intro -- Nats attendance questions

    Grant and Danny open Wednesday's show talking about how Mets fans had a large presence at Nats Park Tuesday night.
  • Tuesday, May 24th
  • Segment 14 - Funny Danny in Pictures

    Chad Dukes and Robert Bode discuss some of the more alluring and flattering pictures of their pal Danny Rouhier that show up when doing an internet search. They can be found at the new Facebook page!
  • Segment 16 - Eli Apple's mom hired by ESPN

    Eli Apple's mom was hired by ESPN to do some bits.
  • Segment 15 - Who is "Mr. Capital?"

    Who is Mr. Capital?
  • Segment 14 - NBA Playoffs

    What do you want from the NBA Playoffs -- the two favorites in the finals? Both underdogs? A mix?
  • Segment 13 - The Big One

    The Big One on the NBA Playoffs and what you prefer to see in the Finals
  • Segment 12 - Brian MacLellan

    Capitals GM Brian MacLellan joins the show to review the season and look ahead to what could happen during the offseason
  • Segment 11 - Why will the Skins win the division?

    We hear a lot about why the Redskins won't repeat as NFC East division champ, but if they do, why will it happen?
  • Segment 10 - Why will the Skins win the Division?

    Fox Sports released a "Five reasons your team will win the division" for every team in the NFL, why do you think the Skins will win the NFC East?
  • Segment 09 - Beltway Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz with Jamal Collier, Michael Phillips and Chris Miller
  • Segment 08 - Double Play

    Double Play on Game of Thrones
  • Segment 07 - Is it weird calls

    Calls on is it weird?
  • Segment 06 - Is it weird?

    Is it weird that Grant went and got a pedicure with his girlfriend?
  • Segment 05 - Intentional Walks

    What to do with intentional walks...
  • Segment 04 - Redskin with most to prove

    Is Junior Galette the Redskin with the most to prove?
  • Segment 03 - Redskins player with most to prove

    ESPN gave a player with the most to prove on every NFL team, they picked Junior Galette. Do you agree or is it someone else?
  • Segment 02 - More on Lebrons Legacy

    Should LeBron's legacy take a hit because of this Toronto series?
  • Segment 01 - Lebron's Legacy

    Grant thinks LeBron's legacy is going to take a hit because of this Toronto series
  • Monday, May 23rd
  • Segment 16 - McGregor vs Mayweater

    Colin Cowherd is claiming that the Mayweather/McGregor fight is ON. 

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