Grant and Danny

Grant and Danny

Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier air weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC.
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  • Friday, November 21st
  • Wes Johnson Interview

    Full interview with Capitals PA announcer Wes Johnson.
  • Thursday, November 20th
  • Segment 16 - Athlete returns your wallet

    Which athlete do you want to return your wallet?
  • Segment 15 - Marshawn Lynch returns fans wallet

    Which one of your favorite athletes would you want to return your wallet?
  • Segment 14 - Albert Breer

    Albert Breer joins to give the latest on the Redskins, RG3 and Jay Gruden
  • Segment 13 - Double Play/Ask Larry

    The Daily Double Play and Ask Larry!
  • Segment 12 - John Feinstein

    John Feinstein joins to give his take on sports
  • Segment 11 - RG3 Reax

    Looking back at RG3's press conference -- did you like the Belichick-esque presser?
  • Segment 10 - RG3's press conference

    What did you think of RG3's press conference
  • Segment 08 - Redskins Stock Report

    We play stock up/stock down on the Redskins before their game against San Francisco
  • Segment 09 - Beltway Blitz

    Todd Dybas, Ben Raby and Michael Phillips join the Beltway Blitz
  • Segment 06 - Bills fans dig out stadium

    The Bills offered their fans $10 an hour plus ticketes to their game to help dig out the stadium
  • Segment 07 - Would you shovel out FedEx Field?

    What would it take for you to assist Daniel Snyder and dig out FedEx Field?
  • Segment 05 - Redskins fan burns his stuff

    A Redskins fan was so upset after the loss to Tampa that he burned most of his Redskins gear, Steve Taylor tells his story!
  • Segment 04 - Andy Benoit

    Andy Benoit breaks down the film on RG3 and the Redskins.
  • Segment 02 - Did you like Gruden's apology?

    Did you like Jay Gruden's apology to RG3?
  • Segment 03 - Was an apology necessary?

    Did anyone owe RG3 an apology?
  • Segment 01 - Gruden apologized

    Should Gruden have apologized to Griffin?
  • Wednesday, November 19th
  • Segment 16 - RG3 reax

    Going over his statements from today
  • Segment 15 - Favorite obscure Wizard?

    Who is your favorite obscure Wizards player?
  • Segment 14 - Guy you would be?

    Which guy would you be?

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