Grant and Danny

Grant and Danny

Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier air weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC.
  • Tuesday, August 4th
  • Segment 16 - Scherzer playing stopper

    Will Max Scherzer stop the Nats losing streak tonight?
  • Segment 15 - Report about Snyder

    Given the latest report surrounding Dan Snyder and him confronting Jay Gruden
  • Segment 13 - Double Play

    The daily Double Play with Grant and Danny discuss swimming and voicemails
  • Segment 12 - Mike Jones

    Redskins reporter for the Washington Post joins the show to give the latest updates on Redskins training camp
  • Segment 11 - Nats division title hopes (part 2)

    Listeners share how they think the Nats can win the NL East
  • Segment 10 - Nats division title hopes

    Grant and Danny discuss how the Nats can win the divison
  • Segment 9 - Beltway Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz with Brian McNally and Chelsea Janes
  • Segment 8 - WOTF

    How are you winning off the field?
  • Segment 7 - RG3 ordinary (part 2)

    Listeners weigh in on if RG3 can be capable of being a game manager
  • Segment 6 - RG3 ordinary

    RG3 says he will be 'ordinary' if that's what the team wants
  • Segment 5 - Around the NFL

    Grant and Danny go Around the NFL
  • Segment 4 - Nats leader

    Who should the Nats vocal leader be?
  • Segment 3 - Bryce Harper

    Bryce Harper took up the role of vocal leader after Monday's loss
  • Segment 2 - Best player on Redskins

    Who is the best player on the Redskins?
  • Segment 1 - DeSean Jackson

    Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson thinks nobody can cover him
  • Monday, August 3rd
  • Segment 16 - Calls on Matt Williams

    Calls on Matt Williams and whether or not he deserves criticism
  • Segment 15 - Cowboys Twitter/Matt Williams criticism

    The Dallas Cowboys twitter account did a baffling thing; plus, is Matt Williams deserving of criticism?
  • Segment 14 - Brian McNally

    Redskins beat reporter Brian McNally gives us a training camp update
  • Segment 13 - Double Play

    The Double Play featuring a restaurant review from Grant
  • Segment 12 - Casey Stern

    Casey Stern joins to discuss the Nats/Mets series and who wins the NL East?
  • Segment 11 - What should offense look like?

    The Skins are going to be a run-heavy offense in 2015 in an almost exclusively passing league
  • Segment 10 - What should offense look like?

    What should the Redskins offense look like in 2015? In a passing league, they may be quite run-heavy
  • Segment 09 - Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz with JP Finlay, Craig Heist and Pete Medhurst
  • Segment 08 - WOTF

    How are you winning off the field?
  • Segment 07 - Duke Ihenacho

    Redskins Safety Duke Ihenacho
  • Segment 06 - Nats venting

    Vent about the Nats
  • Segment 05 - Luke Thomas

    Luke Thomas joins to discuss all things Ronda Rousey and UFC
  • Segment 04 - McCloughan on Galette

    Should McCloughan have given Galette a second chance?
  • Segment 03 - McCloughan on Galette

    The Redskins brought in Junior Galette, hear GM Scot McCloughan explain the move
  • Segment 02 - Calls on the Nats

    How worried are you about the Nationals now?
  • Segment 01 - Worried about the Nats?

    How worried are you about the Nats after being swept by the Mets?
  • Friday, July 31st
  • Segment 16 - Papelbon/Galette reax

    Grant and Danny close the show reacting to the Papelbon interview and Galette signing
  • Segment 15 - Jonathan Papelbon Interview

    New Nats closer Jonathan Papelbon stops by to blow some ched past Grant and Danny
  • Segment 14 - Larry Holder

    Larry Holder from joins to discuss the Redskins signing Junior Galette
  • Segment 12 - Calls on Galette

    How do you feel about the Redskins signing Galette?
  • Segment 13 - What are you eating?

    What are you eating with Chris Russell!
  • Segment 11 - Skins sign Galette

    The Redskins have signed Junior Galette -- what do you think of the move?
  • Segment 10 - Skins sign Galette

    The Redskins have officially signed Junior Galette
  • Segment 09 - Beltway Blitz

    Beltway Blitz with Chase Hughes and Brian McNally
  • Segment 08 - Winning off the field

    How are you winning off the field today?
  • Segment 07 - More on Papelbon

    More of your calls on Jonathan Papelbon's debut
  • Segment 06 - Encouraged by Papelbon

    Were you encouraged by Papelbon's debut?
  • Segment 05 - Papelbon debut

    Jonathan Papelbon makes his debut for the Nats
  • Segment 04 - Finish up calls on Training Camp

    Finish up calls on training camp
  • Segment 03 - Why aren't people excited?

    Why aren't people excited for the Redskins training camp starting?
  • Segment 02 - Calls on training camp

    The Redskins had low attendance at training camp on Day 1 -- Why?
  • Segment 01 - Training Camp opens with low attendance

    Why did the Redskins have 1/3 the number of people show up?
  • Thursday, July 30th
  • Segment 06 - Harper and the Nats last night

    Grant and Danny recap the Nats game last night and get you prepared for the Nats day game today!
  • Segment 05 - Skins spotlight

    Grant and Danny highlight their biggest storylines heading into camp
  • Segment 04 - Storen in 8th

    How did Drew Storen perform in his debut in the 8th inning last night?
  • Segment 03 - George Atallah

    George Atallah of the NFLPA joins to discuss the ongoing legal issues with Tom Brady, what's next for Greg Hardy and more!
  • Segment 02 - Should Skins sign Galette?

    Should the Redskins bring in troubled OLB Junior Galette from the Saints?
  • Segment 01 - Skins training camp starts today

    What's your excitement level?
  • Wednesday, July 29th
  • Segment 15 - Ian Rapoport Interview

    NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joins to break down Ryan Kerrigan's contract extension and Tom Brady's suspension being upheld
  • Segment 13 - Double Play

    The double play in which Danny confesses to being old and may injure himself in a work softball game
  • Segment 14 - Mike Rizzo

    Nationals GM Mike Rizzo joins Grant and Danny the day after making a major trade!
  • Segment 12 - More calls on the Papelbon

    More calls on wanting Papelbon and whether he helps the team
  • Segment 11 - Are the Nats better with Papelbon

    Are the Nationals better off with Papelbon?
  • Segment 10 - Nats better with Papelbon

    How do fans feel about bringing in Papelbon? Are the Nats better now?
  • Segment 09 - The Beltway Blitz

    The Beltway Blitz with Zac Boyer, Chelsea Janes and Brian McNally