Chad Dukes Vs. the World

Chad Dukes Vs. the World

Chad Dukes takes on the world weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on a different kind of "sports" talk show in Washington, D.C.
  • Tuesday, May 3rd
  • Segment 18 - Roll out the trashcans

    Chad Dukes puts the icing on the cake of a nother great show. Roll out the trashcans..............
  • Segment 17 - Joe Beninati

    The Caps are still down a game against Pittsburgh. Kris Letang is out a game. Joe Beninati is one of the best guys that could be to discuss what the Caps need to do if the want to pull out a victory on Thursday.
  • Segment 16 - Objective on the Skins

    The Redskins don't always elicit objective opinions on the teams in this town. If one isn't a blind homer the some fans pull ou the pitchforks.
  • Segment 15 - Rob Rang

    Rob Rang gave the Redskins a pretty good grade for their draft. Does Dukes agree? After it is all said and done how does this shake out for the NFC East.
  • Segment 14 - Good news for people who hate the Cowboys

    Dukes has some good news about the Dallas Cowboys.... as long as you don't like them and want them to fail. 
  • Segment 13 - Dukes and the Technicolor Dreamcoat pt 2

    If Dukes had his way he'd do a Ric Flair strut up to the podium and scream "WOOO" and there would be some happy newlyweds. But he's not the blushing groom to be.
  • Segment 12 - Dukes and the Technicolor Dreamcoat pt 1

    Dukes is officiating a wedding this weekend and is perplexed about appropriate apparel? Does anyone have a robe? What color should it be? Who should be in charge, Dukes or the bride?
  • Segment 11 - Redskins draft picks

    Now that the dust has settled after the NFL draft, Dukes wants to know what listeners think about where the team is. Did the team do enough to win more games next year?
  • Segment 10 - Redskins and Fan Fest

    Dukes weighs in oin the 2016 NFL Draft in regards to the Redskins. He also talks a little bit about all of the stuff happening at this weekend's Fan Festival. Who will be there? Dukes breaks it down.
  • Segment 9 - Mike Jones

    Everyday at four it's time for Skins on CDVTW. There is no better guest than Mike Jones soon after he releases his Redskins mailbag. 
  • Segment 8 - Jobbing of the Caps

    Blaming refs is for losers in loser sports towns, unless the stats tell a different story. What does an interesting stat regarding the Penguins and Rangers mean?
  • Segment 7 - Are the caps getting hosed?

    No one like to coddle whiny fans, especially one Big Shooter. However, an interesting stat on how the Rangers and Penguins get penalized less has caused Dukes to ask questions he normally wouldn't.
  • Segment 6 - Tom Daly

    Kris Letang's suspension is officially one day. How does half of The Fan's hockey show 'Crashing The Net' feel about this? Tom Daly and Big Shooter are talking puck.
  • Segment 5 - Brian Geltzeiler

    The NBA playoffs are heating up. Do the Cavs actually have a shot? Was the Spurs/Thunder finish the wildest ever? Can anyone stop the Warriors. Dukes runs down Brian Geltzeiler to talk about it.
  • Segment 4 - Caps Calls - 1

    What kind of suspension does Letang deserve? What do the caps faithful think about their prospects three games into the series?
  • Segment 3 - Dukes on Hockey

    The Caps looked lifeless and overmatchwed and then they came storming back and were inches of tying up the game last night. Hockey Dukes talks about what he saw.
  • Segment 2 - Mike Rupp

    The NHL playoffs are in full swing, and the Caps are down by a game to Pittsburgh. Former NHL player and NHL Network analyst Mike Rupp joins the show to talk about what he's seen and what he expects.
  • Segment 1 - Show Open

    On a hockey heavy Tuesday the Radio Sherpa is ready to roll the stone back up the hill. Will Kris Letang be suspended? How many games? Plus Dukes had an issue the car and the dog. Lots of stuff to get to!
  • Monday, May 2nd
  • Segment 16 - John Walton

    The radio voice of the Washington Capitals, John Walton, joins the show to preview tonight's game against the Penguins. Then Big Shooter rolls ot the trashcans....
  • Segment 15 - Athletes and social media woes

    If you like moonshine, and you had a great moonshine hookup, would you put a picture of his still on Instagram? Would you Tweet their address? Why can't people help themselves when it comes to pictures with pro athletes? 
  • Segment 14 - Athletes and their families and Twitter 2

    It's hard enough getting drafted by a team. Sometimes it is made even more difficult by their families. Why can't the mothers, brothers, step fathers etc. just put th phones down and not make big days about themselves? Part 2
  • Segment 13 - Athletes and their families and Twitter

    It's hard enough getting drafted by a team. Sometimes it is made even more difficult by their families. Why can't the mothers, brothers, step fathers etc. just put th phones down and not make big days about themselves? Part 1 
  • Segment 12 - Andy Benoit

    Chad Dukes talks to Andy Benoit about the grades he's given out after the NFL Draft, specifically what he thinks about what the Redskins did.
  • Segment 11 - Grade the draft Pt 2

    Chad Dukes has his opinions on what the Washington Redskins did in this years NFL Drfat. Did Scot McCloughan, Jay Gruden and the team address the needs? Are they better? What grade does the team deserve? Part 2
  • Segment 10 - Grade the draft Pt 1

    Chad Dukes has his opinions on what the Washington Redskins did in this years NFL Drfat. Did Scot McCloughan, Jay Gruden and the team address the needs? Are they better? What grade does the team deserve? Part 1
  • Segment 9 - Swedish Fish STILL stink

    The war that has been waged against your favorite radio host by the fans of Swedish Fish continues. Are you on #TeamDukes or #TeamSwedishFish? You must choose a side.
  • Segment 8 - Santana Moss

    89 in your program, but number one in your heart... Santana Moss will be at the 106.7 Fan Fest this weekend, but for now he's on the phone with Dukes talking about the Redskins draft and terrible waxy candies.
  • Segment 7 - Bad News & Beards

    Chad Dukes needs the help of the cavemen and morons in order to win the beard-a-thon! Are you guys going to just let him be defeated?
  • Segment 6 - RJ Choppy

    Big Shooter gets one of his favorite radio friends on the horn to discuss what the enemy in Dallas did in their draft. R.J. Choppy talks to Dukes about the Cowboys.  
  • Segment 5 - Sexy Jags Fan

    The fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars are tired of being picked on. Dukes plays some audio of one of their fans and finds more than a little humor in the clip.
  • Segment 4 - Jason McIntyre

    Chad Dukes gets the show back on the clock and resets everything. He's got Jason McIntyre on the line and talking about the Redskin's draft and the fact that a lot of experts are very high on the work the team did.
  • Segment 2 - Show Opena and McNally

    The Radio Meister officially opens his radio extravaganza and brings on 106.7 The Fan's Redskins beat reporter Brian McNally to discuss what we just heard.
  • Segment 1 - In Scot We Trust

    Big Shooter starts the show gettng out of the way of Redskins GM Scot McCloughan discussing the draft the team finished over the weekend. He also breaks some roster move news himself whiule talking to reporters.
  • Friday, April 29th
  • Segment 16 - Chris Russell

    Chad Dukes bring Chris Russell in before handing off the baton, and then he rolls out the trashcans.
  • Segment 15 - OLT - 3

    One last sprint through the phone lines for Chad Dukes on an action packed Friday show. WWE, beer, snacks and more!
  • Segment 14 - OLT - 2

    More open lines for the cavemen and morons in the Chad Dukes Versus the World audience. He's letting the listeners program the show.
  • Segment 13 - OLT - 1

    The first official segment of the classic Radio Sherpa Meister bit of Open Line Thursday for today's Friday show. Sausage gravy, the NFL Draft, NHL Playoffs, WWE and more....
  • Segment 12 - Open Lines

    Chad Dukes decides to allow the cavemen and morons to program his show once again. His classic radio staple "Open line Thursday" has been imitated many times but never well. 
  • Segment 11 - Warren G at Wrigley Field

    The Radio Meister is cruising along doing a great sports talk radio show when video and audio of Warren G botching the classic 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame" earlier today.
  • Segment 10 - Dukes at the Bar

    Chad Dukes Versus The Bar. Shooter breaks down a tale of woe from last night when he was trying to have some beers at a grocery store.
  • Segment 9 - Mike Jones

    Everyday at 4 it is Time For Skins on CDVTW. Today Dukes asks Mike Jones what he thinks a day after the Skins picked Josh Doctson in the first round.
  • Segment 8 - Drake and Future tix

    Chad Dukes is giving away tickets to rap concerts, chatting with Talib and setting the table for the next two hours of radio. The Radio Sherpa sherps.
  • Segment 7 - Charley Casserly

    Former Redskins GM and analyst for CSN-MaidAtlantic and the NFL Network, Charley Casserly joins Dukes to talk about the first round of last night's draft.
  • Segment 6 - Sean Salisbury

    The Radio Sherpa talks with Sean Salisbury at least once a week to get the former NFL QB's take on the state of pro football.
  • Segment 5 - Open Lines

    Chad takes a few calls from listeners who want to weigh in on the Redskin's pick.
  • Segment 4 - Joe Beninati

    The Washington Capitals are up one to nothing against the hated Pittsburgh Penguins after one night. The TV voice of the Caps, Joe Beninati jumps aboard to discuss what he saw.
  • Segment 3 - Robert Bode on the Draft

    The Radio Meister turns to his head producer and college football expert and host of Dual Threat, Robert Bode to break down the first round of last night's NFL Draft.
  • Segment 2 - Dan Kadar

    One of the NFL Draft experts from, Dan Kadar joins the show to help Big Shooter work out who won and lost last night at the draft.
  • Segment 1 - Show open

    Big Friday show! Open Line Thursday, Redskins draft notes, the Capitals won game one. The disease of the day..... So much to get to!
  • Thursday, April 28th
  • Segment 6 - Yacht Rock Thursday and the Disease of the Day

    Big Shooter wraps up a truncated version of CDVTW by talking a little yacht rock and kicking the tires on a bit that he just invented.
  • Segment 5 - Phil Savage

    Alabama color analyst and draft guru for SiriusXM, Phil Savage joins Big Shooter to discuss the Browns moving their spot and oth hot rumors hours before tonight's draft.
  • Segment 4 - Brian McNally

    The Redskins beat reporter for 106.7 The Fan, Brian McNally is in Chicago covering the NFL Draft. What is he seeing and hearing for the Redskins and in general?
  • Segment 3 - John Walton

    The radio voice of the Washington Capitals, John Walton bring his energy to the Chad Dukes Versus The World Show a few hour before the Caps are set to play the Pens in game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • Segment 2 - F.P. Santangelo 2

    More from 106.7 The Fan's studio on the concourse at National's Stadium. FP Santangelo and Baseball Dukes get into the intricacies of late game pitch counts and infeild switches. Or something to that effect.
  • Segment 1 - Show Open with FP

    Chad Dukes is live at the toaster box at Nat's park and joined by FP Santangelo for the first couple segments to discuss the Nat's hot start, Dusty Baker, Bryce Harper and more!
  • Wednesday, April 27th
  • Segment 18 - Roll out the trashcans

    One of the most crazy episodes of Chad Dukes Versus The World ever in the last 24 hours. Shooter runs through the Nats line up and then rolls out the trash cans.
  • Segment 17 - Richard Deitsch

    Richard Deitsch covers sports media issues for Sports Illustrated and he joins the show to discuss the departure of names like Skip Bayless and Mike Tirico from ESPN.
  • Segment 16 - Hollwood teeth

    How does the Radio Sherpa follow up getting the new head coach of the washington wizards the same day he's introduced? By asking the age old question: "Who has the biggest chompers in Hollywood?"
  • Segment 15 - Scott Brooks

    The man at the helm of the Washington Wizard's bench for next season, Scott Brooks joins the show to talk about what the team does well, does poorly and persistent rumors regarding other teams's players.
  • Segment 14 - Is Scott Brooks the guy?

    Big Shooter pontificates on the positives and negatives surrounding the hiring on of new Wizards head coach Scott Brooks.

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