The Wizards are a perpetual fashion show

The NBA is hands-down the most fashion-conscious of the four major American sports leagues, and the Wizards employ one of the Association’s foremost fashion icons in Kelly Oubre.

Oubre is right up there with Russell Westbrook, and players such as Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and James Harden have all made statements with their apparel over the years. But the former Kansas wing is not alone in his loud wardrobe.

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Star point guard John Wall has always been quite outspoken, but his clothing choices have never been tame, either.

On Wednesday night in Atlanta to take on the Hawks, Wall rocked an outfit that many could not get away with.

(via @WashWizards)

The checkered pants are something, but the rest of the outfit really ties it all together nicely.

But the team’s best player had some competition for best-dressed on this night.

(via @WashWizards)

That’s a Mona Lisa hoodie! Markieff Morris, take a bow.

Oubre, meanwhile, went with a very muted sunglasses-inside look, certainly one of his tamer choices this season.

(via @WashWizards)

The rest of the team was fairly nondescript in their pregame outfits, but when the above trio is your standard, sometimes it’s best to just take it easy for fear of being upstaged.

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