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The Wizards Showed Out in Charlotte on Wednesday

Author: Bryan Frantz

The Wizards are off on Thanksgiving, as is the rest of the NBA, and they’re one of 10 teams off on Friday, as well. As a result, they decided to show out in Charlotte Wednesday night.

Let’s lead it off with a classic: John Wall making an amazing pass.

But Wall wasn’t the only one throwing slick passes. Marcin Gortat, who has played with Wall for the better part of five years, has picked up a thing or two from the Wizards star.

And here’s some more John Wall, just doing John Wall things.

But where would the Wizards be without Bradley Beal? And what is a John Wall without a Bradley Beal? Still a top-tier guard, but one with a lot fewer wins under his belt, to be sure.

And don’t forget the young fella! Kelly Oubre did that thing he does — well, one of the things he does.

Unfortunately for Washington, as fun as all these highlights were, the Wizards fell apart in overtime and lost to the Hornets, 129-124. Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving!

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