Metro to Extend Late-Night Service for Nationals-Cubs Game


Mayor Bowser has announced that Exelon will pay for Metro to extend late-night service by an hour on Thursday, for the grand opening of The Wharf development and the Nationals game, ABC 7 reports. Get the details at WMATA.


We’re doing this again — the Metro will be closed when the Nationals and Cubs finish Game 5 of the NLDS.

Yep. The DC Metro system will not make any attempt to stay open late enough to accommodate the tens of thousands of fans hoping to watch the end of the game. Which means, of course, come 11 p.m. — should be around the 7th inning or so — thousands of fans will stream out of Nationals Park so they can get home.

Which also means D.C. will once again be the butt of jokes around the sports-loving country. At least the Nationals recognize this inevitability and try to tackle it head on.

Good job sportsing, D.C. Nobody will mock you for this. Definitely.

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