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Stick to Politics: Trump Rips Anthem Kneelers, Safety Rules, Steph Curry

Author: Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The “stick to sports” debate is a convoluted and ugly one — one we won’t get into here because does anybody really want to do this again?

Instead, we’re here to look at the other side of the fence this time.

Donald Trump, president of the United States, said the following Friday night at a rally in Alabama:

If you kneel for the national anthem, you are a “son of a bitch” and deserve to be fired, per the president.

This is, of course, related to the Colin Kaepernick anthem protest that has since grown considerably, and, given the professional sports world’s collective opinion on Trump, will likely see another surge this Sunday.

The president also criticized the NFL’s current standards for a legal hit, which were made in order to help players not have devastating lifelong ailments when they are done playing football. Argue about the efficacy all you want, but the president of the country is saying the NFL — which just saw another former star in Aaron Hernandez be diagnosed with severe brain damage — is ruining football by trying to eliminate the most vicious hits.

That happened Friday night. By Saturday morning, the question became: How would the NFL react? Well, we have our answer:

Well at least we can now assume that whole conversation has wrapped up, right? There’s no chance talk about anthem protests will once again dominate headlines leading into Sunday’s games, during Sunday’s games and after Sunday’s games, right?

Oh and just for fun, here’s another thing that happened regarding the president of the United States and professional sports.

The Golden State Warriors, reigning NBA champions, had been at the center of the controversy of whether or not they’d accept Trump’s invitation to the White House. (Remember when an athlete accepting an invitation to the White House wasn’t controversial?) Steph Curry made the following comments about the opportunity:

The president, apparently, didn’t take kindly to that.

Ignoring the fact that Curry doesn’t actually appear to “hesitate” and rather simply declined the invitation, here are some other details.

We live in such a weird time. Everybody: Stick to everything. Or nothing. Or don’t stick to anything. Do whatever you want. After all, nothing matters. Right, Jim Carrey?

Update: Consider Bradley Beal unimpressed with the president’s comments.

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