WASHINGTON — OK, sure, a “baby tiger” is actually called a tiger cub. But stick with us, here.

Look how adorable this little creature is!

On Monday afternoon, the National Zoo welcomed a Sumatran tiger cub. The cub, whose sex is still undetermined, is part of a critically endangered species — it is estimated only 300 to 400 exist in the wild today.

Once the sex is determined, a name will have to be chosen. The parents, Damai and Sparky, reside in the D.C. zoo along with Damai’s male offspring, Bandar. While zoo-goers can visit Sparky and Bandar, Damai and the cub will not be available for spectators immediately. The cub is several months away from visitation, as it first needs to pass a swim test and physical examinations before it is cleared for public viewing.

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