By Chris Lingebach

Redskins fans have had to think plenty about life without Kirk Cousins, but what might such a departure from Washington actually look like?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk painted that picture in a Tuesday appearance with The Sports Junkies.

“It could be fascinating if Cousins is out there [on the open market],” he said on 106.7 The Fan. “You could see one of the all-time great competitions to get a quarterback.”

“A healthy, franchise quarterback never hits the market. It never happens,” he said. “Drew Brees had 26 studs in his shoulder when he became a free agent. Peyton Manning had had four neck surgeries.

“Franchise quarterbacks don’t hit the open market, and next year, there could be two, if we still consider Drew Brees one when he’s 39. And I think we should, because Brees has set his situation up where he walks away from the Saints next year and hits the open market. To have two at the same time is unprecedented, because having one would be unprecedented.”

The Redskins still have until July 17 — six days, and counting — to reach a long-term agreement with Cousins, and speculation of the ‘Will he stay? Will he go?’ orient has ramped up in accordance with that closing window. Fall asleep for a week, wake up and you’ll know the answer.

If Cousins does not re-sign, that could lead to an epic tug of war between the Rams and 49ers next offseason, Florio says.

“Anything other than the franchise tag [in 2018], $34.47 million, Cousins will at least have a chance to go out and see what else is out there,” he said. “And guys, I’ll tell you what, I’d keep my eyes on the Rams with Sean McVay, because if Jared Goff isn’t the guy, what a tug of war we could see next year between Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers, and Sean McVay and the Rams.”

Both first-year head coaches, McVay and Shanahan wouldn’t be fighting for just a quarterback in this scenario, but potentially for future dominance of the NFC West and, to a greater degree, their coaching careers.

“I think one of the factors for McVay as he evaluates Goff is, ‘Okay, I have to keep Goff for 2018 knowing full well that Kirk Cousins may be the quarterback of the 49ers for the next five or six years, so maybe I jump into that one as well.’ I mean, it could be fascinating if Cousins is out there. You could see one of the all-time great competitions to get a quarterback.”

As with any potential scenario involving Cousins, all of this will be a moot point if the Redskins lock up their quarterback.

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