WASHINGTON — When a question comes without any context or warning, it is said to come from left field. Apparently, when a painfully predictable yet unprompted question gets asked, it comes from right field.

That was the case on Tuesday night, as FOX Sports broadcasters interviewed Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper while he patrolled the outfield. This was a new baseball broadcast experiment that gives fans unprecedented access to players who in live action.

Not surprisingly, Harper was congenial, well-spoken and insightful, all things that Nats fans have come to expect from the youngster. What Redskins fans should have also expected is that, yes, Harper still loves the Dallas Cowboys, and no, he doesn’t care about your feelings.

We pick up the action nearly five minutes into the interview. Consider this your trigger warning:

Joe Buck: “I feel like you’re good at multi-tasking.”

Harper: (laughs) “I feel like I’m commentating, like NFL Network, with you right now.”

Buck: “…One on, two out…”

Harper: “Speaking of which, how do you think [Cowboys quarterback] Dak [Prescott] is going to be this year?”

Buck: “I have not met a more impressive young player coming into the NFL in the time that I have covered–”

Harper: “–Oh man is he fun to watch. Watching him on Sundays and Mondays, Thursdays. That guy. Him and [running back] Zeke [Elliott]. I mean, unbelievable; just a lot of fun.”

Buck: “It is. Dak is a special kid. And tough.”

Harper: “Absolutely.”

For what it’s worth, NFL Network’s Rich Eisen appreciated the exchange:

Most Redskins fans, however, did not:

For people who follow D.C. sports, this is not a surprise–it’s not even news. It is well known that Harper grew up in Nevada as a Cowboys fans.

But given that Harper talked glowingly about the Nats for five minutes and then steered the conversation towards the Cowboys like a cruise liner towards an iceberg, it is understandably frustrating for D.C. sports fans.


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