By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Dusty Baker went 245 regular and postseason games in a Washington Nationals uniform without earning the ire of an umpire–at least not to the point of earning an early trip to the showers.

But on Thursday, fed up with bad calls and a wandering strike zone, he unloaded on the umpires and earned his first ejection as Nats manager:

After the game, he was still hot by the time he spoke to the media.

“I asked the home plate umpire could he get some help and he said he already asked him,” Baker explained. “And then [first base umpire David Rackley] said he was too far away to see, and I said, ‘Clearly he foul-tipped it and it hit the dirt.’

“I mean, I could see that, big time, and so he said he was too far away. Evidently, he could see, because he couldn’t hear, I don’t think, so he said he could hear me say, ‘You can’t see anyway,’ so he ejected me.

Sweet burn, but probably not worth ejecting a guy over. Not compared to some of the more colorful words that get barked at umpires.

Then Baker provided his own cliff notes of the ejection (TL;DR): “And it was a bad call, and there’s no way I should have been ejected.”


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[H/T Federal Baseball]


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