By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Only 18 days remain for the Redskins to reach a long-term deal with Kirk Cousins, enough time, one 106.7 The Fan caller says, for D.C. sports media to pressure the quarterback into accepting an offer.

“Why is all the media in this town babying this boy?” Mark in Largo asked Chad Dukes. “If he doesn’t want to be here, let him go! I’m sorry.”

“The current GM that we have right now, he had to win a Super Bowl to get his contract extension,” he said. “So he’s not moving no mountains with Doug Williams, alright? I’ma just keep it real.”

Correction: Doug Williams is Senior VP of Player Personnel. The Redskins no longer have a GM.

“The numbers he puts up are nice, but it also shows that we have a long way to go as a team,” Mark said. “So for that to be said, it’s obvious he doesn’t want to be here.

“There’s one of two ways you guys can handle this, and I’m talking about 106.7. You could say, ‘Okay. He’s gone. He’s out the door. No problem.’ Or, you could you do what I think y’all should do, and y’all should do this starting right now. I would make a heel turn, and  you know what a heel turn is. Start criticizing him.”

“If you guys in the media start criticizing Cousins, I guarantee he’ll get a deal done within the next week,” he said. “If you guys really turn around and start looking at it from the Redskins’ point of view, and say, ‘You know what? Maybe we were wrong.’ And you know how the news can be altered and stuff. … You see what I’m saying?”

“Pampering him is just going to make it worse,” he added. “But if you go after him hard, like if Danny and Grant just start really going after him, I guarantee you, because he’s more self-conscious than the other quarterback we had, because the other quarterback wasn’t self-conscious about anything but himself.

“But this quarterback is more self-conscious about anything. So if you go after him hard, then he’ll start to say, ‘You know what? Maybe we’re not doing this the way we should be doing this. You know what? Things happen.'”

“Doug Williams came off the street,” he reiterated. “Two years later, he’s playing in the Super Bowl and winning it, so he’s not moving any mountains with Doug Williams.”

“Start going after him in the media,” Mark went on to say. “You know what it is, man. If you’re going to demonize the Redskins, start going after him.”

“He’s already going to have $44 million guaranteed right now,” he said. “He wants, what? $50 million? He’s got $44 million. What’s he upset, because ‘they’re offering me a low-figure of guaranteed money of like $40 or $50 [million]’? Well, damn! You’ve already got $44 [million] right now! So what are you talking about?

“Together — I’m not that great in math — that’s about $80 million. So what are we talking about?”

Yes. What are we talking about?

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