ARLINGTON — “So I don’t know exactly what to do for the rest of the day,” said Danny Rouhier after rightly being reprimanded by a member of the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Va. “We’re here for another several hours.”

The 106.7 The Fan host was flummoxed, stopped dead in his tracks, after being caught red-handed disturbing the peace of paying members to this exquisite club.

Danny made a grave mistake in thinking, after graciously being extended an invite to broadcast from these exclusive grounds, that he was permitted to shout like a raving madman.

One member was so turned off by his uncivilized demeanor, she climbed three flights of stairs, in the draining summer heat, in an effort to correct his dastardly behavior.

“We were just told by a member — she was irritated with us. Understandably, I suppose,” a downtrodden Rouhier informed his radio audience. “She said, ‘Hey, can you keep it down?’ And I said, ‘We’re broadcasting a live radio show.’ In other words, it’s probably hard to keep it down because we’re talking on the radio.”

Blinded by his own self-indulgence, Rouhier, you see, had been acting so boorishly, he could be overheard — to a distracting degree — from the pristine tennis courts down below, an entire three levels beneath the veranda from whence he was “performing.”

“By the way, we’re here for the Purple Heart Open Charity Golf Tournament, benefiting the Purple Heart Foundation,” Rouhier informed. “A great cause, a great day out here at Army-Navy Country Club. It’s gorgeous.”

Shameful this purpose was such an afterthought for Mr. Rouhier.

You can donate to the Purple Heart Foundation here.

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