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Washington Redskins assistant strength and conditioning coach Deuce Gruden does more than teach players the correct weightlifting techniques and put together strength programs to get them through the season. He is a world champion power lifter in his own right. The 23-year-old is coach Jay Gruden’s nephew and the son of legendary coach Jon Gruden (his actual name is Jon Gruden II). He measures in at 5’5″ and 183 pounds and his weightlifting stats are pretty impressive.

According to an interview that Gruden did with TMZ Sports, he can squat 622 pounds. That’s impressive. More impressive, was his performance at the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Belarus, where he won gold in the junior division for his weight class (83 kg). In case you don’t have the time to click over to see what his lifts were, he squatted 600 pounds, bench pressed 418, and dead lifted 638.




Gruden routinely posts workout videos to his Instagram page, here’s just a small sampling of a couple from the past few weeks. First, him setting a new personal record in the bench press.


415..429..440 PR bw 183.6 #sbd

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Then, there’s him squatting 550 pounds for multiple reps on what was, according to the caption, his fifth set.


Embrace the grind‼️..5th set of 4 @ 550 #usapl #sbd

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Finally, he posted a pic of him on the medal stand at the championships.



Oh, and, even at 5’5″ he looks huge compared to some NFL players.


Spider 2 Y bench press

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