By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — For every happy, posed photo that gets posted on social media to commemorate dear old Dad on Father’s Day, there are multiple other shots that aren’t quite so nice.

But they might still be funny, especially years after the fact.

Will Compton provided a superb example on Instagram on Sunday, with a picture from nearly 20 years ago of him, his Dad, and a notably dead deer in the back of a pickup truck.

No matter how bad the deer looks, the story behind it is worse:


“You see a father and son after their first hunt together,” Compton said of this photo, the first of two. “A young boy with a terrible haircut from his mother, and meat to last you a couple months with burgers, steak, and sausage.

“What you don’t see is the trauma behind my eyes. A boy who witnessed his dad put 6 rounds in a buck. Taking an antler off, taking a few to the body, one to the jaw, and one to the neck. Only to watch it die as it seal-crawled before the final shot, grunting for help.

“You see a father and son who went on their first and last hunt together [because] I haven’t been the same since.”

For the non-hunters in the group, a good hunting experience involves one shot that does the trick.

All’s well that ends well! Happy Father’s Day, everyone.


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