WASHINGTON — Wawa. It’s a gas station. But sometimes, it isn’t.

While the gasoline is perfectly fine, the reason people go cuckoo for Wawa (sorry) is its food selection. The hoagies, specifically, but Wawa offers a variety of food and drink that frequently draws comparison to rival Sheetz, also a gas station that sells food.

News recently broke that Wawa would be coming to D.C., bringing its “urban model” with it, meaning no gas stations. Which means it’s a convenience store/restaurant, essentially.

Sure. Why not? The more options for food, the better, right?

Wawa took that to heart, it would appear. According to DCist, the Pennsylvania-based gas station chain is aiming to put, get this, 50 locations in the District. Fifty.

The first is scheduled to open on 19th St. NW, near Farragut Square, by the end of the year. That location will be a sizable 9,200 square feet, and it will boast indoor and outdoor seating.

But within just two years, the company hopes to have between five and 10 locations in the District, and up to 20 stores within five years. Eventually, between 30 and 50 stores are expected to be in operation.

That’s so many Wawa’s. Some will sell gas. Others won’t.

Per the D.C. government, there were 681,170 people living in the District as of December 2016. If the city does in fact get 50 Wawa’s, that’s one Wawa for every 13,623 people (roughly).

Mind you, the city’s population is currently on the rise, so by the time all 50 locations are operational, it might only be one Wawa for every 15,000 people or so.

The area of D.C. is generally cited as about 68.3 square miles. That’s one Wawa every 1.37 square miles (roughly).

D.C. isn’t getting any bigger or smaller anytime soon, so that ratio seems likely to stick.

Finally, there will be somewhere to eat around here. After all, it’s not as though D.C. is the reigning “Food City of the Year,” according to Zagat.

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