By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Trea Turner has been effusive in his praise of teammate Anthony Rendon, going on the record multiple times to call Rendon his favorite player.

On Monday, the duo took their “bromance” to the next level, sporting pre-game T-shirts that reflected their bond:

Throughout the game, @Nationals and the MASN broadcast cameras captured several moments in which the two interacted:

It was good–perhaps a little too good. It turns out that with the All-Star vote ongoing, this was far from a spontaneous gesture. It was just another marketing ploy.

“Tell everybody about the T-shirts,” Danny Rouhier asked Turner during an interview on 106.7 The Fan. “How did that come about, and how did you get Anthony to go in on it?”

“Uhhh…none of that, actually, was my doing,” Turner admitted, before recovering the narrative. “Umm…I was presented the T-shirt, yesterday, by I guess the marketing team had made them. They had given me two and I wasn’t not going to wear it.

“Obviously, I’m wearing that shirt.”

The backstory may have been orchestrated, but Turner reiterated that the feelings are real.

“I had noticed that they made one about me for him. I didn’t know if he was necessarily going to wear it. He might be embarrassed about me. I’m not sure.”

As it turns out, Rendon was happy to wear his half of the marketing apparel. And even if it is a decision made around a boardroom table instead of straight from the heart, Turner thinks the shirts are great.

“It’s nice to have those little things that take your mind off a long season and make you have fun,” Turner told Grant and Danny. “Make you enjoy your teammates, make you enjoy the game itself. So, it was fun.”

In fairness to the marketing team, at least the shirts are not available in the MLB Team Store.

At least not yet.


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