WASHINGTON — On Thursday evening, NFL insider Mike Garafolo joined Chris Russell on 106.7 The Fan to discuss the Washington Redskins at this point in offseason workouts.

In addition to the rise of Terrelle Pryor and fall of Matt Jones, Garafolo shared his thoughts on Kirk Cousins and more. Here are five things you need to know.

Terrelle Pryor Could Out-Produce DeSean Jackson

Count Garafolo in the camp of people who believes the Redskins will be just fine without Jackson, after picking up Pryor this offseason.

“It’s not like [Pryor] was sitting down in zones and making plays…and that really impressed people last year. With only more work at the wide receiver position, and with a better quarterback to throw it to him, the production is going to be there.”

But could he give the Redskins the same level of production that they got from Jackson, a 1,000-yard receiver?

“They’re on par…I can call that a wash if not actually more to the upside.

“I’m OK with this offense and where it is. I like what I see and there’s no reason to believe that they won’t be one of the better offenses in the league this year.”

Just Cut Matt Jones Already

What’s the trade value of an average NFL running back with a serious fumbling problem who skips voluntary workouts with the team? Not much. Time to cut Jones.

“He’s got to be looking at it like, ‘Why am I still on the roster? Why are you keeping me around?’

“I guess what’s more curious to me is why they haven’t let him go. I know he’s not making a ton of money, so I get that part of it. But if he’s not factoring in right now and you drafted a running back that you like, and certainly Rob Kelley is the bell cow in that offense.

“Maybe it’s to the point now where they say, ‘You’re not going to dictate what we do. You’re not going to skip voluntary workouts and then turn around and say, well, OK, you forced our hand.’ They don’t want to set that precedent and I understand that.

“But at some point, you’ve got to realize that this guy’s not in your plans. He’s trying to communicate to everybody in the league that he doesn’t want to be here. Just do it. It’s not worth it for a fifth-string running back.”

Derek Carr Will Get Paid, Likely After Kirk Cousins Deadline

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr wants a contract extension before training camp, and he’ll likely get it. But it will likely come after the Redskins and Cousins have passed the deadline on working out a long-term deal (July 15).

“If Derek Carr hits this thing as big as he thinks he’s going to hit it, these are going to be significant numbers for some of these other guys to say, ‘He’s younger than me; he doesn’t have as much of a track record; I’ve been doing this longer; I’ve been in the league longer. I deserve that, if not more.’

“So yes, it could have that effect. With Cousins, it’s a little bit of a different ballgame because his deal is all about that July 15 deadline. If [the Carr deal] gets done before that, they’ll use it as a benchmark, but Derek Carr could carry up to the start of training camp, which would be beyond the July 15 deadline.”


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