By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The Washington Nationals’ 2017 season flashed before its eyes on Sunday afternoon, as Max Scherzer collapsed in a heap next to the mound, the team trainer gingerly massaging the knee on the leg that he lands on.

He had just taken a line-drive, estimated at more than 100 mph, to the knee, hobbled around and fell to the ground, covering his face with his hands as he rolled back and forth. After several tense moments, fans at Nationals Park began chanting “let’s go Scherzer” in unison. Then, a miraculous thing happened: he gritted his teeth and got to his feet. Then he asked for the ball back.

After a handful of warm-up pitches, he decided he was able to land safely and comfortably and stayed in the game. He then threw high-90’s heaters to each of the next two batters and even ran over to back up third base on a hit.

After putting two runners on base, he earned the second out of the inning with a swinging strike three.

He escaped the inning giving up only two runs. After a short rest, during which he told a trainer that there was “no chance” he was leaving the game, he returned the next inning and struck out the side.

It’s unclear if Scherzer is superhuman, but now is a good time to develop conspiracy theories.


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