By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Saturday was intended to be a day for laughter, friendly conversation and an opportunity for fans to meet some of their favorite 106.7 The Fan personalities and professional athletes.

By nearly all accounts, 106.7’s 4th Annual ‘Fan Fest’ reached these goals — by all accounts except for one, by this sad, lonely child whose day was unfortunately no match for Chris Russell’s crosshairs.

Wow. That’s tough to see.

“After a segment, Rooster was done and he got off the stage and started talking to this father,” eyewitness Brendan Darr tells Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan.

“Our boss, Chris Kinard, and I noticed that the kid was getting a little unruly and it was because Rooster kept taking up the father’s time talking to him,” Darr further detailed.

“And he progressively got worse, and worse and worse, to the point where he was crying — and balling his eyes out — because his father was ignoring him. Because Rooster was bothering his father.”

“So what you’re saying is that The Rooster made a child cry on one of the happiest days of the calendar year for 106.7 The Fan?” Dukes sought confirmation of a crucial detail in Darr’s testimony.

“I mean, you would think it would be a happy day for that child,” Darr said. “He might have met Doug Williams or Jamison Crowder, but no, he met Joe ‘The Rooster’ Russo.”

To make matters worse, Russell — a known liar — chose to distort reality to his followers.

“Where I feel he loses credibility is when he argues inarguable points,” Dukes later observed. “And there’s photographic evidence of a child balling his eyes out right in front of Joe ‘The Rooster’ Russo, correct?”

“That is 100 percent correct,” Darr confirmed.

Why, oh why, Russell, must you make children cry?

And why must you lie?

‘Fan Fest’ Photos

Mark Rypien Meet & Greet

Jamison Crowder Meet & Greet

Doug Williams Meet & Greet

DeAngelo Hall Meet & Greet

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