By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Bryce Harper got married this past offseason, but that doesn’t mean that his boyish good looks, gravity-defying hair, or rippling muscles are completely off the market. And yes, they can be used for good.

On Wednesday, Harper helped Sean Garvey, the son of former Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Steve Garvey, ask classmate Shannon Coyne to prom. In addition to the MLB fraternity, Harper also knows Sean as the brother of his former travel teammate Ryan Garvey.

The proposal was only 10 seconds long and he didn’t really ask, per se, but did give Sean a ringing endorsement while…er…telling her to prom:

“Hey Shannon, this is Bryce Harper,” he said, quite unnecessarily. “Sean is like a little brother to me and you should definitely go to the prom with him. I know it will be a lot of fun. He’s a great guy and you’ll have a blast. So, definitely go.”

Again, not really a question, just really good life advice. Regardless, it worked:

When Bryce Harper tells you that you need to go to go to prom with the younger brother of one of his amateur teammates, you just do it.


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