by Nick Ashooh

We should all hope the Redskins were paying attention to more than their own draft this weekend. It wasn’t that long ago they were in the same position as the Bears, Chiefs and Texans, and there’s still a chance they could be back there again this time next year.

The 2017 NFL Draft saw three teams trade away a boatload of assets to move up and take a quarterback in the first round. Luckily for the Redskins, they have one already, so instead they got to kick their feet up, put their hands behind their heads, and wait patiently for their turn to add depth at positions of need, without mortgaging the future.

It was beautiful to watch, wasn’t it? Don’t you want this feeling every year?

That’s the great thing about having the quarterback position locked up. You don’t have to reach for a risk. You don’t have that stress clouding your judgement as an organization or fan base.

Having Kirk Cousins under center means the Redskins can do big boy things in the draft. The only problem is they still only have that position locked up for this year. It’s always a safer bet going with results over potential. Obviously, the results have to be good results for this formula to work, but you get the idea here. In Cousins’ case, he’s shown us the results.

On the other hand, guys like Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes II have taken a total of zero snaps in the NFL, and we have no idea what the results of those snaps will be three years from now once they see the field.

That’s all I found myself thinking about during that wild first round. What would the Redskins have done if they didn’t have Cousins right now?
It was then that cold sweat and irrational fear started to creep in.

Still gives me chills.

We need to move past the comparisons of Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady when we use the term “franchise quarterback” and “Kirk Cousins” in the same sentence. They’re insane and close-minded. We need to stop trying to think Kirk will be less than one of the highest paid guys at his position, because he will be. At some point.

The 2017 NFL Draft should be evidence enough that the Redskins need to, in the words of Teddy KGB, “Pay that man his money.”

Like the cost of living in this country, quarterback values only go up, and as soon as he gets paid, someone else will jump him on the list.

The alternative for the Redskins is what we just saw: teams closing their eyes, holding their collective breath, and pushing the big red button on a trade that could blow up in their face.

Don’t be those teams, Redskins. Learn from their mistakes. Learn from your own mistakes of drafts past.

No team can build a real winner in the NFL until quarterback is settled. It’s settled for the Redskins. You can survive a defensive player not working out in the first or second round, not a quarterback.

For the Redskins to go forward, it’s time to look at the past, and realize how close you are to finally having a successful future.

Nick Ashooh is an on-air personality for 106.7 The Fan. He previously worked at WTEM for eight years. Follow him on Twitter: @NickAshooh


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