By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Hollywood actor and D.C. native son Michael Ealy had the honor of announcing the Redskins’ first pick of the fourth round (114th overall) on Saturday, which they used to select Oklahoma running back Samaje Perine.

For reasons unknown — perhaps the name was written incorrectly on the card (Steve Harvey?), or maybe the moment, announcing a draft pick for his favorite football team on national television, proved just a little too big — Ealy had some trouble getting through the announcement unscathed.

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The wheels started coming off early when Ealy inaccurately described the year as “217.”

And they came all the way off through his announcement of the pick, Samaje Perine, or, as Ealy pronounced, suh-MAH-hay Pure-een.

“Oh boy,” Rich Eisen said over the NFL Network broadcast. “Wow. He’s not an Oklahoma fan, but he’s a big Redskins fan.”

“Missed it by that much,” Eisen’s broadcast partner said to a round of laughter.

In fairness to Ealy, Perine’s name has been subject to mispronunciation plenty. Here’s some assistance from

Samaje Perine’s name, both first and last, has been butchered his entire existence. (The correct pronunciation is suh-MAH-jay P-rine.) However, there has been noticeable improvement since Perine set an FBS single-game rushing record with 427 yards against Kansas on Nov. 22 in Norman.

Suh-MAH-jay P-rine.

Suh-MAH-jay P-rine.

Suh-MAH-jay P-rine.

There. Now we’re all on the same page.

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