By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Things you don’t want to put on social media during an NFL draft if you’re an NFL team:

  • Your draft strategy
  • Players you like or don’t like
  • Comments on another team’s pick
  • Really, probably anything aside from welcoming a draftee to the team
  • Let’s go ahead and add another item to that list: your draft room phone number.

    Now, I know what you’re saying: Why would I ever want to have my team’s draft room phone put on social media for all to see?

    Well, the thing is, you wouldn’t want that. You really, really, really wouldn’t want that. But that’s exactly the situation the Dallas Cowboys found themselves in Thursday, when, somehow, that ever-precious and highly sensitive 10-digit number leaked onto the terrifying world commonly referred to as “the internet.”

    Think about how poorly this could have gone. What if the Cowboys received a call from some random person who, as a prank, claimed to be the GM of (insert NFL team). This individual then offers Jerry Jones and Co. a trade that the Cowboys brass is interested in, and the Cowboys accept. Dallas then goes forward thinking it’s completed a trade that hasn’t actually happened.

    And what if that happened while the Cowboys were on the clock? Jones and the Cowboys’ decision-makers are then wasting their precious time with the cards in their hands talking to a random person instead of investigating actual trade possibilities or debating who they’re going to draft.

    Lucky for them, it doesn’t appear to have hindered their draft at all. They were still able to draft Michigan defensive end Taco Charlton with the 29th pick, and they evidently were able to make a phone call to the draftee in the process.

    So, good on them. I guess. Maybe next time don’t let that number out, huh?

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