By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — The Washington Redskins stayed very close to home for their first round pick (17th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft, selecting defensive end, Loudoun County product Jonathan Allen. Here is a recap of the initial reactions from sports talk radio personalities from 106.7 The Fan:


106.7 The Fan’s Craig Hoffman and Chris Russell were live on Facebook shortly after the pick was announced:


Russell offered his reaction first: “You’ve gotta love the pick, as we’ve been talking about all night. Sure, you’re concerned about the shoulders, the arthritis, the joints. Craig works with athletes and these injuries, what kind of concerns they have.

“I’m a little worried about the Redskins’ medical staff being a little over aggressive, but when a guy is a top-three, at worst top-five pick, best defensive lineman in the draft is there for you at No. 17…you have no choice but to roll the dice with Stone Bridge High School and Ashburn’s own Jonathan Allen.”

Russell also addressed some comments directly to Redskins team President Bruce Allen, who made the final call in the war room: “I am Mr. Negativity when it comes to Bruce Allen; Brucie, baby, you did a good job, buddy. I hope your medical staff is patient with this guy. I hope you do well by him, but I can’t argue with him.”

Hoffman followed up with his own positive review: “This is an awesome pick, this is exactly how the Redskins wanted this draft to fall,” he said. “Maybe they could’ve liked a guy like Malik Hooker better, he winds up going at No. 15. At that point, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

“There were stretches of the year where he was thought to be the No. 1 overall pick, ahead of Myles Garrett, which is amazing. This is a home run pick…when you talk about getting the best value available, this is the pick.”

EB from the Sports Junkies was the first to weigh in, calling in to share his initial reaction with Hoffman and Russell: “It fell in their laps; they couldn’t screw that up! They were going to get one fo the ‘Bama guys, right? It was going to be [Reuben] Foster or Allen, in my mind. They nailed it. They get the local guy, I’m not too worried about his shoulders…I think he’ll be fine. Great pick. You couldn’t ask for a better value–I’m thrilled!

“Even Bruce Allen couldn’t screw this one up. I love it.”

Danny Rouhier, known for his negativity as a sports fan, could barely contain his excitement: “I am doing naked, tripod, spin kick, kung fu cartwheels. I’m working on my balance beam routine, I’m working on my floor routine. I have never been happier in an offseason moment. Now, that’s probably the kiss of death, of course, but I can’t believe this happened.

“I am so giddy that the marriage of excellence and need finally happened. I cannot believe that I am so lucky to live in this day and age. Incredible pick, I am so happy.

Grant Paulsen later called into the show to share his thoughts: “I’m thrilled for the Redskins; I think they really lucked out here. The board fell in their favor and they had a guy who was a no-brainer at 17. Clearly, there was some concern with taking him in the top-five with the shoulder concerns and some of the questions that allowed to fall…but sitting at 17 with a gigantic need at your defensive front…this was the ultimate no-brainer.

“The Redskins should’ve sprinted that card up to the podium. He’s unequivocally the best defensive lineman on the roster right now. He’s the organization’s best player on the defensive front. I think there was just no thought needed here. Whether it’s Bruce Allen, Scot McCloughan, Scott Cambell, or some kid who plays Madden at 7 years old on a headset mic, I think that was an easy pick for a GM to make.”

Beat reporter Brian McNally covered the draft from Redskins Park and heard directly from Allen on a conference call with reporters. He called into the show late to chat with Russell and Hoffman, saying this of Allen: “It’s a great day for the organization. He was thrilled to be coming back home. Early in his career, you get a top-five talent at No. 17. I don’t see how you’re anything other than thrilled with that.

“Early in his career, you can ease him in a little bit. Then he’s going to make his money, for sure, on those passing downs, as an interior player getting to the quarterback. He’s very technical, he’s very sound…It’s up to the Redskins now to bring that out of him at this level. If he says healthy, there’s really no reason he can’t reach that [elite level].


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