By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Caron Butler made waves recently for an Instagram post suggesting he’s not interested in bandwagon Wizards fans.

DMV… #itsjustdifferent #wizkidz #VetLife

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On Wednesday, the former Wizards great appeared on Chad Dukes Vs. the World to discuss that post and the Wizards’ outlook, and he dropped this nugget about current Wizards great John Wall”

“LeBron James is still the best player on the planet. He is the gatekeeper. But if you’re talking about the second-best player in the Eastern Conference, right now, I would have to say John Wall is the second- or third-best player in the Eastern Conference. So with that being said, anything can happen.

The only thing I question about Washington is their depth. … The coaching experience, they have that. The management, they have that. Team continuity, they have that. But the depth of, you know, going against a good Cleveland [team] coming off a championship season, they know exactly what it takes, they know how to raise it to new heights. That will be a question.”

Consider the slew of really, really good players in the Eastern Conference these days.

You’ve got James and Wall, sure, but there’s also Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Carmelo Anthony, Isaiah Thomas, Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, Hassan Whiteside, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Andre Drummond, not to mention Bradley Beal. Wall’s only real competition among that group is probably limited to Antetokounmpo, Thomas and George; Butler thinks Wall might all of those players.

As far the Wizards as a whole, Butler reiterated several times they’re lacking in depth, but he thinks their star is bright.

“I still think they’re a year away, but anything can happen.”

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Comments (2)
  1. Gerry Miller says:

    I appreciate fan loyalty and have followed the team just as closely during multiple seasons of 45 win seasons they have had since 1970.
    My version of the poster would have trios who were earlier in the franchise’s history and more successful than the disappointing Chris Webber era Bullets. The franchise did not even win a single playoff game in the 4 seasons that Webber was on the roster! For that matter, the Caron Butler/Antwan Jamison/Gilbert Arenas trio never won a playoff series!
    The poster should have the 1969-1972 quad (Wes Unseld, Earl Monroe, Jack Marin and Gus Johnson) that made noise in the playoffs.
    Also the Wes Unseld, Elvin Hayes, Phil Chenier, trio that led the best teams in franchise history.
    Even the 1987 Moses Malone, Bernard King, Jeff Malone trio wons some playoff games and would have walloped Webber/Jamison/Butler.

    And I am shocked that Caron did not have Marcin Gortat on that poster as part of the current trio. Gortat has been a very big part of this Wizards era of relative success, including his current domination of Dwight Howard. John Wall owes Gortat just as much as he owes Beal.

    I do agree with Caron Butler that John Wall is as good as any other player in the NBA East not named LeBron James. Jimmy Butler, Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, Giannis, DeMar are all similarly effective players, but none of them are clearly better than John Wall. Kyrie is second fiddle to LeBron.

  2. Gerry Miller says:

    (It does not like the greater than and less than signs) I appreciate fan loyalty and have followed the team just as closely during multiple seasons of less than 20 wins as I have during the 45 win seasons they have had since 1970. Caron Butler’s tenure was fun to watch, even though they did not achieve anything close to the greatest Bullets/Wizards heights. And his perspective is a good one, even though his memory or knowledge of franchise history is way too short.

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