By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Behind the scenes here at 106.7 The Fan, there are hotly contested debates almost daily. But none have ever generated as much intense bickering as The List.

The List, formulated by senior 106.7 The Fan producer Jim Mullins over a period of 24 hours, attempts to rank radio station personnel by their weirdness factor, from most to least weird.

Many names on The List, especially those near the top, you’ll recognize; some, particularly those whose contributions are made primarily off air, you won’t. But The List’s founding father, who solicited a wide array of feedback before compiling the finished product, stands by his verdict.

“It’s a difficult list to rank because there’s a lot of weird people who work here,” Mullins, an avid people-watcher, informed me (whom you’ll notice is appropriately ranked No. 13). “But, ultimately, I feel like I got it right.”

That’s certainly not to say everyone was, shall we say… comfortable with their place on The List.

Some have utilized all available avenues, even unfairly harnessed their superior social media and radio clout, to dispute and attempt to discredit The List’s findings.

For some weirdness perspective, Cakes appears as No. 14 on The List. He removes all his clothes when occupying a bathroom stall.

“There apparently is a weird power ranking at this radio station of who’s the weirdest,” Dukes said of The List, which he championed into existence, right up until its release. “And because everyone’s scared of CK, they’ve got me in the Top 4 (Top 3), when I don’t even think I should be in the Top 10. I’m a lot of things: I’m difficult to work with. I’m a pain in the a–. I’m loud. I can be very mean at times, bullying.”

“Whatever you want to throw at me, fine. I agree with it,” he continued. “I’m not weird. I’ll tell you who weird is: Grant Paulsen, Danny Rouhier, Drab T-Shirt, Blue Shorts, Thomas Plymin. All of these people are so much weirder than me, it’s not even close. I’m a lot of things. And yeah, I would say I’m weird. I deserve to be on The List more than Brendan Darr does. But… this is slander because one man has an agenda. That’s all it is.”

“Okay. I’m prone to throw hissy fits,” he went on to say. “Yes, I agree.”

Now for some outside perspective:

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