By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Unforced errors are some of the most embarrassing moments in basketball, from traveling to shot clock violations, missed free throws to failed dunks.

But new Georgetown head coach Patrick Ewing, introduced on Monday, created his own category in less than one week on the job: unforced recruiting violations.

In comments made on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Ewing suggested that fellow Hoya alum Allen Iverson would be called upon to regain a certain recruit who admired A.I.

“I’m not sure if he will be on the staff but he’s always welcome,” Ewing said of Iverson. “I’m going to use him every way I can. There’s a kid down there in Connecticut who’s a big fan of his, who he committed to come to Georgetown, but when JT3 got let go he wanted us to release him. I know he’s a big Allen Iverson fan, but at some point I’m going to try to get him and Allen together, either on the phone or in person.”

Ewing is almost certainly referring to Tremont Waters, a senior point guard from in Connecticut who committed to Georgetown under John Thompson III, then requested his release on March 11 after the Hoyas’ disappointing season. While Duke and Kansas are on his list, he hasn’t visited anywhere since gaining his release.

Ewing is doing the right thing in pursuing Waters, even flying up to meet with him and his father on Friday.

There’s just one problem: Ewing went too far in suggesting that Iverson will be part of the process. Waters has drawn comparisons to Iverson and reportedly idolizes his play, but the NCAA expressly forbids this type of exchange:

“Only institutional staff members are permitted to recruit student-athletes. Generally, NCAA rules prohibit anyone else from contacting (calling, writing or in-person contacts) prospects or the prospect’s relatives or guardian for recruiting purposes.”

Ewing has an impressive Rolodex, also citing Michael Jordan as a possible reference to recruits.

“[Jordan]’s happy for me, he’s proud of me and if I need his help, he’s right here,” Ewing told Patrick. “So the phone will be ringing when the time comes. I’m going to need the help.”

If the phone is ringing with Jordan or Iverson at the other end, a phone call could soon follow in Ewing’s office from the NCAA.

At this point, Ewing likely hasn’t violated the rules–only talked about it–which could spare him from punishment. According to the New York Times, a Georgetown spokesperson has been alerted to the situation and said the school will handle the matter internally.


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