By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — Patrick Ewing, the professional basketball Hall of Famer and new head coach of Georgetown men’s basketball, says he’ll fancy himself as the deal-closer during his debut campaign on the recruiting trail.

Asked by The Sports Junkies Wednesday how he’ll handle recruiting, Ewing told 106.7 The Fan he’s not worried about those challenges.

“Well, you know what, there’s a lot of young guys in the NBA,” Ewing said. “They may not be 15, but they’re definitely under 19 or under 20, so that part, we have already learned how to, I’m not gonna say kiss their butt, but talk to them and educate them.”

“But, you know what? I’m not even gonna put a finger and say this is gonna be hard or that is gonna be hard,” he said. “I think all of it is gonna be a learning curve, but, I think, in terms of the recruiting, because I know that’s one of the things I was asked in my interviewing process, I don’t see the recruiting being as difficult as people say it is.”

“But I’m gonna definitely have guys on my staff that are great recruiters, and can go out and judge and pick guys that I think that is gonna help build the program,” he said. “And then I’m gonna be the one coming in and closing it, but I’ll be out on the road with them just trying to evaluate talent and try to close it at the end.”

Ewing, 54, will not be able to carry his son, Patrick Ewing, Jr., the director of basketball operations at the Georgetown program for the past year, over onto his coaching staff, he says.

“I wish, I wish that that could be the case,” Ewing said. “They have a nepotism clause and unfortunately they’re gonna stand by it.”

“Oh, really?” Jason Bishop said. “I didn’t know that. Is that an NCAA thing, or just or Georgetown thing?”

“It’s a Georgetown thing, to my knowledge,” Ewing said.

“We’re gonna lobby,” Eric Bickel said. “We’re gonna lobby on your behalf.”

“Please do. Please do,” Ewing said. “Please do. Please do.”

“What about a volunteer assistant?” Bickel asked. “Can he do that, and then you pay him on the side?”

“Hahahahaha,” Ewing laughed. “I’m not sure about. That is something that we’ll probably have to look into.”

Asked, in his wildest dreams, if he ever envisioned himself as head coach of the Hoyas, Ewing said, “I’m not even going to say it’s crazy. I mean, I’ve always thought about coming back into the city.”

“I didn’t think it was going to be back coaching the Hoyas,” he said. “Maybe the Wizards. But I’m back. It’s a great opportunity. I do have to say this, though. The only reason I’m back in college is because it’s Georgetown. If it was any other university, I would probably say no.”

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