Gun robberies are down a large percentage compared to this time last year, according to D.C. Police.

Last year, police say 204 gun robberies were reported between January 1 and March 25.

This year, 177 gun robberies have been reported in the same time period, marking a 40 percent decline.

Armed street robberies rates are considered a solid indication of overall public safety, according to the Washington Post.

The rates for robberies without guns has also decreased.

There were 398 robberies not involving guns were reported between January 1 and March 25. The figure was 300 this year, marking a 25 percent decline.

Sex abuse is another crime that has seen a decrease since 2016. Last year, 77 sex abuse incidents were reported through March 25, this year the number was 54.

Overall, there’s been a significant decrease in the amount of violent crimes reported compared to last year at this time. Last year 1,289 violent crimes were reported from January 1 to March 25. This year, that number is at 991, marking a 23 percent decrease.

(h/t Washington Post)

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