By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — Bruce Allen said the following to Scot McCloughan before the former fired the latter:

“Nobody likes you in this building. Nobody wants you here.”

That’s according to Michael Robinson, a former Seattle Seahawks player who maintains a relationship with McCloughan, who previously worked with the Seahawks. Robinson opened up on the topic on “The Wes McElroy Show” on Fox Sports 910 Thursday morning.

This marks the first time that anybody has gone on record to speak on the behalf of McCloughan since he was fired three weeks ago, allegedly for his problems with alcohol, if Robinson is indeed speaking on McCloughan’s behalf.

Here are some of the other quotes from the interview regarding McCloughan and Allen:

“[McCloughan was] very, very, very disappointed at Mr. Allen. He really, really felt like it was a pride thing. He knew the players loved him, and he started feeling the hate from Bruce Allen right around — well, he’s been feeling it, but when they didn’t let him speak at [the Senior Bowl], he said, to him, that was his last straw, and he knew that he was on his way out. He said it was after a draft meeting, after the Combine, Bruce called him up to his office and was just like, ‘Nobody likes you in this building. Nobody wants you here.’ And Scot was like, ‘Well, I guess I’m out of here.'”

“He said, ‘Mike, I don’t have an issue right now drinking. I haven’t touched a drink in awhile. But, of course, they wouldn’t let me say it because they silenced me.’ And it was deep. … I can’t go into everything we talked about, but it was a guy who didn’t look like he was done with the National Football League. He looked like a guy who felt like he had something to prove.”

And here is a nugget Robinson offered concerning Kirk Cousins, and McCloughan’s thinking on the quarterback’s contract situation:

“He also talked to me about how he wanted to get Kirk Cousins signed, because he knew the longer you wait, this guy’s going to break the bank. And also the longer you wait, he may not want to come back. He may not want to come back, because you’ve been negotiating for so long.”

(h/t Michael Phillips)

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