By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — Weeks after a simple statement from the team ended the Scot McCloughan era in Washington, Redskins team president Bruce Allen finally offered some insight into the decision during an interview with team broadcast partner CSN Mid-Atlantic.

The interview lacked confirmation or denial of juicy rumors that floated about in the media in the weeks leading up to and immediately following McCloughan’s termination. But it did include one interesting nugget: McCloughan is open for business.

“We hope it works out for Scot because now he can be hired by teams before the draft,” Allen said. “He’s available, and wish him the best.”

Some of the rumor floated during the termination process suggested that McCloughan was running the Redskins’ draft process up until weeks before his termination. Rumors from other internal sources suggested that McCloughan hasn’t had a front office role in months.

Making him available to other teams–including division rivals–ahead of the NFL Draft suggests that McCloughan doesn’t have intel that can be used against the Redskins. This implies that either he wasn’t involved in the team’s highly-protected draft board process, or that the team has an alternate plan of action.

Either way, don’t be surprised if teams seek to find out what McCloughan knows ahead of the Draft.

The other illuminating detail of the conversation was the timing of the decision. McCloughan’s termination seemed to be an inevitability in the weeks leading up to free agency, as news broke on 106.7 The Fan that McCloughan hadn’t been at Redskins Park in weeks.

Ultimately, the team released its statement on the matter at the start of free agency.

“I thought on the first day of the league year (March 9), the free agents we were bringing in, we needed clarity,” Allen explained. “And for our scouts to continue the good work we were doing we needed clarity for the season.”

“The opening day made the decision.”

Other than that, Allen’s responses are about on par with his original statement: he was disappointed, but the details are confidential.

“It was difficult because his father and brother and I worked together for a number of years with the Raiders and enjoyed success together. When I brought [Scot McCloughan] to the Redskins obviously I was hoping for a good marriage. It is disappointing.”

Given the opportunity to comment further, Allen declined.

“I would never go into the personal conversations.”


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