Residents of the Petworth neighborhood in D.C. had their complaints validated by federal inspectors who examined the Green line beneath Georgia Avenue in the Petworth area, according to WAMU.

People in the area complained that Metro’s trains were causing residencies along the Green Line to shake.

The inspection confirmed damage to fasteners “designed to reduce the magnitude of vibrations transferred to the tunnel structure and the environment above,” according to the Federal Transit Administration.

Investigators found that multiple clips had detached from rail fasteners, forcing Metro to put a 40 mph cap on trains as a precautionary measure.

““The use of the 7000-series rail car trains—which weigh significantly more than the previous series rail cars—and the location adjacent to a station in which trains are applying additional force by braking or accelerating could be contributing factors,” the report stated.

The findings coincided with the complaints of people saying their homes began shaking shortly after Metro debuted its new 7000-series train on the Green Line.

Metro originally told homeowners the vibrations weren’t a big deal.

“Vibration occurrences are not significant enough to cause property damage, and that the level of vibration is within a range that complies with guidelines issued by both the Federal Transit Administration and WMATA,” they said.

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