By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The Redskins front office is a source of much controversy, to say the absolute least.

After two relatively quiet years, Washington is back in turmoil after the unceremonious dumping of general manager Scot McCloughan on the first day of Free Agency. A fan-organized protest was a flop, but every day, D.C. area radio waves are rife with complaints about the management local football team.

Monday was no different. Brian (or Bryan) in D.C. called into 106.7 The Fan to discuss the situation with Grant and Danny, a call in which he disclosed his plan to cancel his season tickets for the 2017 season.

“Look, I’m so disgusted right now with how they’re treating our players,” Brian/Bryan began, detailing his unhappiness with how the team has handled the contracts of former Redskins Chris Baker and Pierre Garcon.

Caller Replaces Curse Words With ‘Bruce’

He continued: “I’m a season-ticket holder, five years. Right now, they’ve got until April 1 to fire Bruce Allen or I’m gonna let my season tickets go.”

“Brian, let me ask you a question real quick,” host Grant Paulsen said. “Are you actually, on April 1, going to get rid of your tickets or not re-up if Bruce Allen is still the team president?”

“100 percent,” came Brian/Bryan’s response.

“And have you told anyone who calls you, your ticket agent, this? What is your ultimatum here?”

“Yes,” Brian/Bryan answered. “I’ve told them on social media, I’ve told them whenever they call me and ask me to re-up. That’s it. I can’t continue to support this. It’s disgusting.”

Brian/Bryan then explained why he supports the other teams and owners in the city, including the Ted Leonsis-owned Capitals and Wizards, and the Lerner family-owned Nationals.

“If I’m gonna spend money on season tickets, I’m gonna spend it on an organization who I think cares and is worthy of it,” he said.

The full call, as well as the ensuing discussion between Paulsen and co-host Danny Rouhier, is available below.

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