By Brian Tinsman

WASHINGTON — What would you give to be 25 again? Just ask Washington Redskins safety D.J. Swearinger.

The defensive back signed with Washington on March 9, 2017, and was widely believed to be 27 years old, thanks to his stated age via Elias Sports Bureau. Elias is the authority on statistical and numerical sports information. NFL teams contract with Elias to have their information populate the statistical pages on team sites.

Therefore, if Elias says Swearinger is 27, who would ever know he wasn’t? (Perhaps D.J. himself, his mother, and a small group of close friends and family.)

Instead, Swearinger was actually born on Sept. 1, 1991, which makes him just 25 years old. That information has since been corrected on Elias and

It’s unclear where the confusion came from, as Swearinger was drafted at age 21 by the Houston Texans out of South Carolina. This is young, but not unusual, so it likely amounted to a typo at some point in the process.

Either way, the anomaly has been addressed and corrected. Better yet, any critic who was judging his body of work as a 27-year-oldcan add two more years of development time before Swearinger even hits his athletic prime.

Here is a list of seven things the world thought happened on Swearinger’s date of birth, but were instead two years old when he was born:

  1. “Cold Hearted” by Paula Abdul top of the U.S. music charts;
  2. John Candy’s “Uncle Buck” top of the box office;
  3. Uzbekistan gained its independence from the U.S.S.R.;
  4. New car safety legislation required all newly manufactured cars to install an airbag on the driver’s side;
  5. Toyota launched Lexus, a new luxury car brand, in order to compete in the luxury car market;
  6. President H.W. Bush predicts the Berlin Wall will be dismantled during his presidency;
  7. Baltimore’s Cal Ripken became the first shortstop in MLB history to hit 20-plus home runs in eight straight seasons.

So congratulation to the Redskins on a move that is better than it appeared on paper, and congratulations to Swearinger for getting two years of his life back.


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