Redskins Fan Substitutes ‘Bruce’ in Place of Curse Words

WASHINGTON — Redskins fans have reached a furor over the latest discord within the team’s front office, which has General Manager Scot McCloughan on his way out while team president Bruce Allen resumes control.

Fans have united in their angst on social media. Many are planning to attend a ‘March on Ashburn’ protest outside the gates of Redskins Park on Friday and Saturday, the aim of which is simple: Fire Bruce Allen.

106.7 The Fan caller Bernard in Beltsville proposed his own method by which to outlet his anger. He’ll be substituting ‘Bruce’ in place of curse words in his everyday lexicon moving forward.

“I will be substituting any curse words that I use in life for ‘Bruce’ from now on,” Bernard told Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier. “Have you guys seen Braveheart?”

“Yeah, of course I have,” Rouhier said.

“Remember the part where William Wallace, when he found that — I forgot the guy’s name, God-dog — that Bruce had betrayed him when he pulled off his helmet?” Bernard asked.

“Robert the Bruce,” Rouhier named the character.

“Remember the betrayal he felt? That’s how I Bruce-ing feel right Bruce-ing now,” Bernard said. “I can’t believe that we Bruced this whole situation up. For years, I’ve been talking to you guys. For years, I’ve been listening to you guys. We’re the fans and we’ve been waiting for one Bruce-ing quarterback to come out here and play like he’s worth a Bruce.”

“And I finally get one — I finally get one — and then here it is, we’ve Bruced this whole thing up!” Bernard continued. “We get a GM, for whatever the issues that were going on with him, why the Bruce didn’t I know what the Bruce was going on out there? I mean this is Bruce-ing ri-Bruce-ing-diculous! I can’t believe this!

“Bruce is gonna come out here and talk about how ‘we’re winning off the field’ — no, we’re losing off the Bruce-ing field. We are Bruce-ing losing off the Bruce-ing field. We’re gonna lose on the Bruce-ing field. And all we’ve got to show for it is a D-tackle, when we could have paid Chris Bruce-ing Baker the Bruce-ing money that we gave this guy!

“Bruce yeah, dude,” Rouhier said.

“But Chris Baker’s gonna be too much money!” Bernard exclaimed. “This is ridiculous!”

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