By Bryan Frantz

WASHINGTON — The Redskins are doing that thing where they’re making their fans crazy again.

They have all but ousted highly-respected GM Scot McCloughan, they have completely mishandled the Kirk Cousins negotiations, who reportedly wants to leave D.C., and now fans are planning a two-day protest of the team this weekend.

Oh, and free agency starts Thursday at 4 p.m.

Redskins Options as Free Agency Looms

Danny Rouhier, of 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny, went on a rant for the ages that sums up everything the average Redskins fan is feeling right about now. We’ll call it “How Do You Feel Now?” Here is how the rant begins:

“How do you feel now? Take a quick look when you wake up this morning and look at that inventory and see how you feel. Hopefully you feel the same shame that we do as Redskins fans.”

After the initial two-minute rant, Grant and Danny continued with their segment, eventually transitioning into nostalgia of when McCloughan was first hired by the Redskins and came onto the show. We’ll call that segment “Are You Sure?”

Written word won’t do it all justice, so just listen.

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  1. The rant from the caller who used the word bruce as an expletive needs to be shared and shared widely!

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