By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — A Capitals fan who was struck in the head by a stray puck during Saturday’s 2-1 overtime win over the Flyers had to be escorted from the rink for medical attention.

As it turns out, Caps defenceman Karl Alzner knows that fan personally — it’s his child’s former babysitter.

“Did you see that chick that got hit in the head with the puck in that game against the Flyers?” Alzner was asked Tuesday morning during an appearance on The Sports Junkies. “Did you notice that at the time?”

“Yeah, that was actually our old babysitter, Sam,” Alzner said.

“You’re kidding!” Eric Bickel said.

“Nooo wayyyy,” added Jason Bishop, also in disbelief. “Man, what a small world!”

It’s rare for a puck to skip over the glass in such a way that it can strike a fan in one of the first few rows with great impact. Unfortunately for Sam, her Verizon Center arrangement put her squarely in the impact zone for this unlucky bounce.

“So the puck came out of the corner and just kind of nicked the glass a little bit, and then sometimes if there’s spin on the puck, they kind of curve a little bit more,” Alzner said. “And, yeah, it hugged the glass and just barely made it over. I didn’t know it was her until after the game.”

“[T.J. Oshie] was saying I think she had a No. 77 jersey on and so he signed a puck for her,” he said. “And then she never came back because she had to go to the hospital and get staples in her head. Apparently she’s pretty pumped up about it. She’s a big fan and she kind of thought it was an interesting process, how it all happened. But yeah, I felt bad for her, obviously. She’s doing okay now, though.”

Sam, a nurse in the neonatal unit at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, met Alzner when he and his wife had their first child.

“She asked us, if we ever need any help, she’d be glad to help,” Alzner said. “And so we had her in for the first year, year and a half or so and then she just got a little too busy.”

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