By Chris Lingebach

WASHINGTON — The Redskins and Pierre Garcon appear to be on diverging paths after five seasons.

Garcon has done everything to get his club’s attention — and pointed out with actual graphs how much more valuable he is than other free agent receivers — before hitting free agency on Thursday.

Now, after months after no contact, Garcon’s literally laughing at the organization and its dysfunction.

The Redskins finally reached out to Garcon’s camp, Ben Standig reports, but the chances of them reaching any sort of agreement remain fairly low to nonexistent.

On Monday, Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan brought a bit of secondhand information to the airwaves which, if true, could go a long way in explaining why negotiations between Garcon and the Redskins stalled before they ever got going.

“I have a little bit of breaking news here,” Dukes said. “I don’t know if we need the sounder. I just heard from somebody that I believe and trust… that Pierre Garcon, during the course of the regular season, requested a trade as he was playing for the Washington Redskins.”

“And people are sitting here and hypothesizing about why the Redskins haven’t called him, why it wouldn’t be a no-brainer,” he said. “Well, if it was bad enough that he requested a trade in the middle of the season?

[Update: 7:50 p.m.]

John Keim of ESPN has confirmed the story.

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